March 1, 2012

Bill Clinton…Meet John Friend.

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February 27, 1997.

A “shot” was fired in The White House…a shot that almost brought down the President.

It was a cold winter day in the nation’s capital.

First Lady Hilary Clinton’s busy schedule had her attending four “drop-by” events around Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, President Clinton had just finished his radio address and ventured into the Oval Office bathroom.

As recounted by the witness: a few moments after Clinton entered the bathroom, in the dim light, “the shot” was fired, traveling through air and hitting at the waistline. There was no blood, no pain, no immediate impact.

As the witness recalled:

“And at that point I noticed it
and I kind of thought, oh
this is dirty… it needs to get cleaned.
And then I remembered that I had worn it
the last time I saw the president.
I believe it was at that point
that I thought to myself…
Oh, no.”

Yes this was not a “shot” from a gun, well it was from President Clinton’s gun, if you will, and this shot didn’t hit the President, but rather the infamous Monica Lewinsky and her legendary blue dress from The Gap.

As you will now remember, this “shot” was the evidence that led to Clinton’s impeachment, almost ending his presidency.

Now you must be wondering, why the hell am I writing about Monica Lewinsky?

Bill Clinton…Meet John Friend

For those unaware, John Friend is one of the most famous American yoga gurus very much in the public eye.

He recently fell from grace when news broke that he was having s*x with women (some married) in a Wicca coven. All the while shipping packages of marijuana to cities across our great nation.

Both President Clinton and John Friend were, and are, distinguished Americans. Both screwed up. And like Clinton, John Friend will rebuild his career. Americans are forgiving.

But why does this happen?

According to Dutch psychologist Joris Lammmers, “People in power generally are more confident, self-assured, assertive, and impulsive than people low in power.

“These people high in power think others are sexually interested, that they will be successful if they make a pass, that they themselves are more attractive…

“…which explains why Donald Trump seems so

Michele Sandberg via Flickr

convinced he’s Andrew Carnegie, Abe Lincoln, and that guy from the Old Spice commericals rolled into one.”

But before we point the finger at men…

…the Dutch study also said, “Gender did not moderate the effects we found. Among women, power had a comparably positive relationship with infidelity as it did among men.”

What can we learn?

Leadership is about inspiration, vision and community.

But…as shown by our priests and presidents and yoga gurus, leadership is no longer about moral guidance.

We get our moral guidance from God, parents or spirit…not from our leaders.

Power is a lethal cocktail of emotions and privileges and very few humans can handle the buzz.

So, if you currently look up to a powerful human as so many of us do, be not the least bit surprised if one day you should turn around to find them transformed into a boobie-shakin, brain-hangin, s*x-crazed freak of nature.

As Brian Alexander, author of America Unzipped, wrote, “The powerful have increased levels of testosterone. All that extra hormone floating around turns the primitive desire circuits into a shouting Glenn Beck, while the frontal cortex becomes a quiet professor trying to rationally explain why assaulting a hotel maid (i.e., Dominque Strauss-Kahn) is a bad idea if you want to be president of France.”


Editor: Brianna Bemel

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