Bringing the Goddess Back. {Nudity}

Via Michelle Dawson
on Mar 23, 2012
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She’s Sexy and She Knows it

We all know that the Universe would cease to exist without the desire inspired by the Goddess. She is the pro-creative force; she initiated the realm of duality.  She is the fruit.

Sex Appeal is an Inner State

Too many women either surpress their inherent nature based on the wounds of their past and the onslaught of unfortunate misinterpretations, or abuse their sex appeal, and give the goddesses a bad rep! The original goddesses showed us how to rock this sort of power—gracefully.

Return to the Garden

Who knows what happened in the garden? Many tales have been told as to the whereabouts of original leading ladies. The real tragedy is that we lost our role models. We’re toeing a fine line by re-embarking on the path back to the Matriarch. Being powerful and strong is our innate nature.

The vein of strength, sensuality, intuition, and wisdom that was born in the original goddesses was passed down to each of us and we have a responsibility to keep their expression sacred. I’m certainly down with that!


All the women in the world:
love your sexy, but don’t give it away!




{All Photography by James Ferrara}


Editor: Kate Bartolotta.


About Michelle Dawson

Michelle Dawson is a prolific Body Artist who hails from the Black Dirt region of Upstate NY. She combines the ancient arts of Henna and Yoga as a means of reaching the sacred poise of Body and Mind. Referring to her craft as Body Art by Michelle, she owns and operates a Yoga studio in Chester, NY. Her self-appointed title is Black Dirt Goddess and her goal is to deliver Art to Asana and return Asana to the Arts. She lives by a mantra from Rainer Marie Rilke: “No Great art has ever been created without the artist having known some real danger.” Michelle can be found adorning appendages anywhere from NYC streets to Holy festivities in grandiose temples: she believes that every body was created for the satiation of the Artist.


3 Responses to “Bringing the Goddess Back. {Nudity}”

  1. Lisa/ nilegoddess says:

    Soo beautiful! From one goddess to another…

  2. K. Devi says:

    Beautiful and empowering reminder… the strong/sexy goddesss… as necessary as shiva/shakti, or yin/yang!
    Thank you for sharing<3

  3. Beautiful, Michelle.

    I've featured it on Elephant FB page:

    Jeannie Page

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