March 24, 2012

Conscious Footprint. ~ Jim Sindt

Photo: Mrs. Magic

Today I took a look at the footprint of my consciousness.

When it is small and constricted, it only covers the patch of ground that is “me.”

When it is wide and all-encompassing it covers so much more.

Meditation is a way for me to improve my conscious footprint. Unlike my carbon footprint, the bigger the footprint of my consciousness, the better. The improvement comes from expansion.

Thoughts shrink my consciousness. Each time a thought creeps in the expansive nature of my mind shrinks a bit.

And, each moment I can go without a thought, my mind gently relaxes and spreads to take in my loved ones, my friends, my town, my state, my country and maybe my world.

Seeing the unlimited potential for that expansion keeps me coming back to my cushion


Jim Sindt is a daily practicioner and student of Shambala.  He sits with a group in Park City Utah on Monday nights.  He lives in Peoa Utah with his wife Jayanne and three dogs.




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