March 16, 2012

Counterbalancing the Twaddle Talked About Chakras. ~ Simon Hollington

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Converting the mystical into biological science

Chakras are an arc of energy between the glands and the nerve clusters which are amenable to conscious input. They are measurable electronically and have a direct connection to the function of the organs, the biochemistry and the innate emotional/psychological aspects of the plexus which can be inverted to bring about evolutionary development, in this life time.

Chakras, in one form or another, exist in pre-religious cultures and are a bridge between us and universal intelligence, God or the unified field. They have the capability of enlivening our latent powers, which corporatized religions usurped until we accepted as normal the paradigm of suppression by government through the dominance of the intellectual brain.

The meridians are the pathway of negative ions which spiral along the surface and cluster in the space between the nerves and glands. Positive ions form a catalyst and the oil or hormone which we provide from our gonads, allows conscious instructions to be fixed in these vortexes known as chakras–and so we are able to disconnect from the herd mentality into a rare form of independence beyond the egoic world of manipulation.

Every organ of our body has biological connection to the emotions, the kidneys, which relate to Swadestan, can be source of fear or courage, depending upon their energy (acid/alkaline) levels, they are also an access point to inherited ancestral patterns, useful or otherwise.

The point is to learn how to establish chakras and then build a friendly rapport while balancing them sequentially-allowing our own hormones to rise, filling our pheromone receptors: this should become a regular and pleasing habit, opening the gates of the universal blissful you.

We know that the Sanskrit meaning of chakra is wheel, but if you were to look deeper into the metaphysics of pre-religious chemistry, chakras could be seen as holographic and endomorphic, offering spherical logic, rather sourcing everything through the intellect: we feel, we sense, we transmute negativity, we enhance our ancestral skills, we see through a different lens, and we know (rather than speculate) through the dormant grey matter awakened in our energy centres.

This harnessed energy might be called Chi in China, Qi in Japan, Prana in India, or energy in the west, to the practical alchemist it is Hydrogen, which carries an electrical charged ion, and which can be feminine or masculine-lingam prana or yoni prana.

Every single cell in your body has seven chakras, every one of their crown chakras unite to form your base chakras, if you link up all life forms crown chakras on earth, they form the base chakra of the planet; all the crown chakras of the planets form the base chakras of the stars, and the crown chakras of the stars form the base chakra of the the galaxy –ad infinitum.

The point is that this internal intelligence is unprocessed by the ego; once you have regained some control and balance of your internal biochemical world IT becomes the servant rather than the master. Remember the intellectual brain cannot have a new idea, it can only recognise and react to that which has been already labelled and therefore is limited to finding problems to solve. And guess what? This is where we are stuck-the whole shebang of intellectual masturbation–universities, experts, political idealists and the like–out of control talking heads, creating the repeating war and peace patterns of our the unconscious Piscean age, with, of course, notable exceptions: remember Einstein said;

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Getting to know yourself on a macro/micro level

Charkas are the elements inside us. They have universal and cosmic connections to these fundamentals which in concert create life. Matter can be anything solid, earth, Mooladhara. Water, is anything liquid, or in a state of transition, Swadestan. Fire, the animating power, or matter in a state of transmutation, Manipuraka. Air, vibratory levels, fluidity, attraction, Annahat. When all of these elements are combined and are working in harmony they create life itself, and so you inhabit your own power, Visshudi.

The next state matter can be in, is awakened consciousness, Agnia, or self awareness, leading to enlightenment, at one with the planet, ‘a rain-drop in the ocean’ or Sahassarara.

We are talking electromagnetic biology and physics. Water, for example symbolizes and is the collective unconscious, the area of gut (intestinal) sensation. Water has an endomorphic field of memory and communication, it is connective and intelligent, a menstrum for facilitating change and union.  Masaru Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water, at least gives us a clue of this potential.

Each centre has the potential to be awakened and attuned through the movement of your own alcohols (spirit) cleaning, oils (hormones) placing, salts (DNA matrix) settings, which are central to asana and banda, in a progressive practise, and opened through harmonic sound, in scale that is universal: the bijar-mantras eventually vibrate in a calibrated scale in the location of the vortex.

It is a process that some call yoga. It takes time. You need a teacher who has done the journey. As a yoga teacher once said to me, what else are you going to do?

The arrogance of the passing age is responsible for limiting our intelligence to the grey matter in the brain, in fact grey-matter exists in the solar plexus and heart, bio-feedback is available from every plexus and organ, we are not the talking heads we have become but a potentially united intelligences where the intellect is counterbalanced by the a less self centred intuition. In other words they offer us a means to sort our shit out, and ride the wheel of dharma as artists rather than warriors. We have all heard the story of the transplant patient who suddenly started playing the piano, having never touched one before, after having received the heart of a concert pianist.

Evolutionary chakra practises were separated from the church in order to give the God-connecting-power to the clergy, who filled our pheromone receptors with fearful notions about the creator, and continue to do so in one form or another. There is no distinction to be made between religions/corporations/ governments, in this regard. The evolutionary branches went underground became the mystical offshoot of main body of religion, like the Gnostics, and Cabbalists, so the art of free-mindedness through evolution was lost to ordinary folk.

To the ancient tribes like the Celts, Kahunas, Druids, and the Australian aborigine’s chakras were the school you attended inside yourself connecting to the ancestral mythos beyond the ego, which our ancestors developed and nourished in the etheric, an independent realm, beyond the speed of light. Not possible? Remember quantum physics defies the rules so cherished by the paradigm keepers, check out M theory, which suggests eleven dimensions of parallel universes.

Charkas tune you to the skills on a daily basis, they connect to your relationships, to the universal mind, to the earth, and create well being: remember that the tribe was always bigger than the individual and the etheric-gods or deities were always bigger than the tribe, counter-balancing potential psycho-spiritual disharmony through the balanced distribution of energy within the body mind of the whole group.

The 20th century has exemplified, through insane leaders, the concentration of energy in one chakra, the third eye or Agnia power centre. Many politicians, (fallen) gurus, and ambitious corporations are clearly out of balance and have lost their connection to the earth, becoming ruthless meglomaniacs, unfortunately this also applies to some meditational schools who emphasis this Chakra, sending their disciples “away with the fairies.” It is said that the Thule group opened Hitler’s Agnia chakra in order to give him the charismatic power to devour the world.

“The only guru you need is the planet” ~ J.B.

Simon Hollington copyright reg @ 2012 

With gratitude and appreciation – John Burke’s alchemical yoga workshops.


John Burke,  tantric alchemist, Alchemical Yoga

Ernesto Savavedra,  tantric yogi, chakras

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Endo

The Spear of Destiny by  Trevor Ravenscroft.

Through the Wormhole Discovery Channel (DVD) with Morgan Freeman

 Simon Hollington is an eternal student of the tantric alchemical yogic tradition, as taught by John Burke, in the Australian bush. Thisyear, 2012, following a powerful meditation experience, Simon felt prompted to write about this subject. “Yoga in the ‘west’ needs to take the next step in the evolution of the practise,” Simon who for many was a free-lance journalist contributing to The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Sydney Morning Herald, comments, “What I have found is that most yoga magazines are in denial of the real aspects of yoga, and hide in the continuing highly detailed physical minutiae as opposed to broadening the experience of consciousness. Most systems of development on offer are incomplete to say the least.” Simon can be found on face-book where he writes a regular diary entitled Diary of a Mad Yogi.


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