Dirt(y) Girl. ~ Michelle Dawson {Nudity}

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on Mar 16, 2012
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From the molten black dirt, adorned in ancient mud, hails

The Black Dirt Goddess.

 She’s a spiritual warrior, mysterious and wise. Her sorcery, art. Her aim,  liberation.

The Black Dirt Goddess is a provocative emale who bravely lives out the answer to a seemingly rhetorical question:

“what will set me free?”

Sheʼs a Socratic Mystic who will perplex and tempt you and beguiles you to radically unravel.

She understands that grace is often fierce and the pursuit toward peace is not for the frugal.

Sheʼs rooted by her ecstatic intentions and nourished by the fertile soil that she calls home.

It is from this grounded perspective that the Goddess of the dirt can postulate,

create, and articulate, every gesture of the body.


She is a body artist.

She likens each posture to a still life; she sees everything through the lens of a camera.

She whispers poetically when reminding you

“the vernacular of your body is infinite”

and than she dares you to unveil everything.





She teaches you how to take the fall and catches you when you falter.

Sheʼs bold; sheʼs beautiful; sheʼs a little bit dirty. Sheʼs a Black Dirt Goddess.

Are you?

Michelle Dawson is a prolific Body Artist who hails from the Black Dirt region of Upstate NY. She combines the ancient arts of  both and Henna and Yoga as a means to reaching the sacred poise of Body and Mind. Referring to her craft as Body Art by Michelle, she owns and operates a Yoga studio in Chester, NY. Her self appointed slang title is Black Dirt Goddess and her most virtuous aim is on delivering Art to Asana and returning Asana to the Arts. She lives by a mantra from Rainer Marie Rilke : No Great art has ever been created without the artist having known some real danger. She can be found adorning appendages anywhere from NYC streets to Holy festivities in grandiose temples: she believes that every  body was created for the satiation of the Artist.



Editor: Kate Bartolotta.


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9 Responses to “Dirt(y) Girl. ~ Michelle Dawson {Nudity}”

  1. Sue says:

    beautifully articulated! love the BLACK DIRT GODDESSES at the Body Art Studio! <3

  2. Gina says:

    Michelle Dawson is someone to know. Period. You guys should be the first. A yogi whose time has finally come. She walks it people. Daringly authentic to the core. Yum!

  3. Cindy says:

    I am a dirt(Y) girl…..

  4. Cherene says:

    Me too…. dirt(Y)…very

  5. Tricia says:

    I'm a dirty girl and I like them BIG!!!!!

  6. kim berlee says:

    Yep Im a black dirt dirty girl and so is my dog lucy!

  7. catnipkiss says:

    Beautiful photos. Maybe I'll hire you for my photo shoot, I could definitely dig being a dirty girl…. – Alexa M.