March 16, 2012

Our Best of the Week.

First Date, Second Sleep-over.

The Continuing Adventures of Eco Boy vs. Yoga Girl, a serialized novel (fiction).

“Sexual intercourse is something of the moon—lovers are looney, crazy but not crazy, beset by magic…keep your compass, sailors, or you’ll find yourself lost upon dark ocean waves.”

~ Dr. Willard Evans

VIP Cheese Cubes and Sex Standing Up.

Eco Boy facebooked her and gave her his cell #, saying “text is best.”

And she texted him and he texted her back and invited her to the schwanky event in Denton, 30 miles away. He didn’t own a car, of course, which was somewhat awkward when it came to first dates, so he texted her and told her to wear something “nice but…tomboyish” so he could pick her up on his bike.

And two days later there he was, wearing an entirely too-casual-for-a-VIP-party vintage bright blue tee shirt on the verge of falling apart, and his hair, newly cut, was nicely vertical and haphazard, and he biked up and kicked the kickstand down.

And he rang her bell and waited. Someone’s gray cat, too fat, waited with him. He pet the cat, and looked up at the night sky, breathing deep and forcing himself to relax. And the brass apartment numbers shone dully in the early evening light. And Yoga Girl, her hair shining whitegold beneath the cold porchlight, came down from her apartment wearing a strawberry-red tomboys’ summer dress, with pockets. And they hugged, politely, and chatted about bullshit and she hopped on his bicycle and he got on in front of her and pushed off, she hugging his hips. And he pedaled off to the smelly bus station.

There they waited for a bit, talking lightly yet awkwardly, boarded the 8 buck 6:40 BD-X bus, and sat together. They talked about whatever, he sneaking glances at her pale shoulders and her dress and her Daisy Buchanan beauty, imagining at one point how the crinkles of her young smile would look when she was a beautiful old lady with white hair. He hoped she wouldn’t cut it too short.

And he couldn’t believe he was (probably) gonna get to…

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Yours in fun, yet fundamentally serious,

Top Ten Blogs of the Week.

The Mistaken Expectation of Joy in Yoga. ~ Tim Feldmann 

It seems there is a growing frustration…

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10 Things to Know about Raising a Teenager. ~ Lorin Arnold

#1: Realize that you don’t know anything.

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I’m a Slut: The Reformed Whores’ Response. ~ Jenn Cusano

In case you missed it…

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Sometimes Even Yogis Need Rehab. ~ Brett Walker

Addiction can defeat you, and be your greatest gift.

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Green Porno: Sex in the Natural World. ~ Tanya Markul 

I hope you enjoy…

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Pineapple Detox Juice. ~ Caley Alyssa

Spring cleanse.

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In Defense of Men. ~ Kate Bartolotta 

When did it become okay for women to be sexist?

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Mean Girls. Meaner Adults? ~ Heidi Broecking 

I have become fascinated by the amount of judgement…

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The Cultural Shadow of Pornography. ~ Candice Holdorf 

Sex, society and shame.

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The Problem with Invisible Children & the Kony Video. ~ Waylon Lewis

We got trouble…

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Walk the Talk Show of the Week

After the Storm: A Conversation on the advent
of Yoga Coalition, with ex-Anusara Yoga Teacher Emma Magenta,

Funny of the Week

Top 10 Onion Satire Bites
 of the…Ever.

Wow of the Week

The Real Definition of “A Mother’s Love.

Quote of the Week

“It’s all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don’t…”

~ Jack Kerouac

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