March 19, 2012

Five Male Centered Professions That Women Are Moving Into. ~ Anthony Jones

Women may have tons of prestigious jobs on the fictional screen, but did you know that they are asserting themselves more and more in the modern world?

In the past, many professions are and have been associated with men for many years. But with the rise of education, women are stepping into roles previously thought only suitable for men. To help inspire your own career journey, we have gathered just five professions that women are beginning to dominate and include statistics from around the world.

1 . Doctors

As reported in the The New York Times, the number of women in medical school have risen drastically. When taking into account for physicians under 35, women make up 54% of the doctors in England, 58% in France, and 64% in Spain. In fact, it is even supsected that most doctors will be women in the United Kingdom by 2013.

2 . Pharmacists

Have you heard that statistic where women are paid 80 cents on the dollar compared to a man who was doing the same job? It may be true of many professions but not for the pharmacist. In fact, Forbes named it the most likely job where women would be paid comparable to men. Women pharmacists were found to make up almost half of all pharmacists. The bad news is that the $86,000 a year in annual salary that women pharmacists make is about 85% what their male counterparts make.

3 . Dentists

Did you know that in the early 1970’s dentists were mostly male? At the same time, about a third of dentists were women in European countries like Sweden, France, and Denmark, and 80% of dentists were women in Russia. But all of that has changed. According to Spirit of Caring, almost 35% of new dentists are women. In addition, over 81% of female dentists are general practitioners, compared to 78% for men. There are even so many women applying to dental schools, that some have had to change standards for women, according to The Wealthy Dentist.

4 . Surgeons

But what about the profession that started the trick question? In a world that was completely dominated by men, the NIH reports now that students going into medical school are at 50% female. When this particular surgeon started her career not too long ago, only 15% to 20% of students were women. Even the male dominated surgery field is attracting female students at about one third. There is also this report that female surgeons are happier in their profession compared to their male counterparts.

5 . Lawyers

Many more women have been entering into law school than previously thought. The latest statistic was that 47% of law students were female, which was purported to be low. They reached an all time in 1993 when 50% of all law students were women. The law school with the most female students was UC Berkeley at 52.9%.


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Anthony Jones is a contributor for Sports Management Colleges which helps those looking for a career in professional sports.

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