March 24, 2012

Hide Your Hoodie & R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.

By now, most people will have heard something about the Trayvon Martin murder.

Trayvon was 17. His crime? Walking down the streets of Florida wearing a hoodie and carrying a package of skittles. He was gunned down by a man who was part of his neighborhood watch program. As the young man lay screaming, asking for help, quickly losing his life, the only person who could help him survive was the same person who shot him. By the time the EMS people showed up Trayvon lay dead in a pool of his own blood.

His family would not know that he had been murdered for another three days, despite his father calling the police and reporting him missing. The man who shot him pled self-defense and remains free to this date—more than a month later, he has not been charged.

This murder has led to a huge backlash from civil rights leaders. Even the President has weighed in on this, as well he should. This is not a black vs. white issue, in my humble opinion. This is a human condition issue. Mr Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon, said that he was concerned for his neighborhood, that the kid looked suspicious, that he acted out of self-defense.

What it sounds like to me is that the guy let his fear take over. He believed what he read in the media, saw on TV, listened to on the radio and he took it seriously.

Look around: gated communities, locked gates, locked doors… Fear is everywhere if you let it in.

This is one big, beautiful world full of amazing people doing great things and I bet Trayvon was one of those people making change.

Wake up! Stop the fear! If you’re afraid, turn off your tv, radio, Internet, put away your papers and get out into your community, connect up with those beautiful people and you might see things in a new light.

Just go… there’s too much at stake not to.

R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.


Editor: Andrea B.


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