March 15, 2012

Jyotish Horoscopes for the Week of March 12th.

 Transits for the week of March 12th  2012.

“Your astrological birth chart is a map of your karma. There was a synchronicity at the moment of birth with your samskaras and the sky, it was not chance. How this is interpreted depends on the astrologer- and what astrologer you see depends on what you are attracting to yourself, there again, it is not chance.” ~ Freedom Tobias

Surya (Sun) sandhi, moving into Pisces March 14th.

Chandra (Moon) waxing and transiting Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. Chandra debilitated March 13th & 14th.

Mangal (Mars) in Leo, retrograde.

Guru (Jupiter) in Aries.

Shukra (Venus) in Aries.

Sani (Saturn) exalted in Libra, retrograde.

Budha (Mercury) in Pisces, debilitated and retrograde.

Rahu in Scorpio, debilitated.

Ketu in Taurus, debilitated.

Debilitated Chandra (Moon) in Scorpio on the 13th and 14th. Budha/Mercury now retrograde. Some say this cancels its debilitation in Pisces. Surya (Sun) is moving into Pisces on the 14th. Watch for Surya/Budha combustions. Weakened mind state, fiery words, temper tantrums, tempestuous dream-state. Strive for clarity.

Aries: Family, children and relationships are all-consuming right now. What are you learning? There are some old mental patterns coming to the surface right now. Have you noticed? Instead of pushing them away, take a deeper look below the surface. Surya (Sun) is about to start a new transit for you- entering your 1st house next month. Use this time to clean up any residue of the last year that isn’t serving your highest good. Check in with the ego. Then check in again.

Taurus: Rekindle your life mantra now. Let the old ways fall away. The healing process you are going through requires letting go of some old patterns, practices and habits. They seem so comfortable you resist loosing them. Too bad! Purge with grace, or feel the pangs of Sani (Saturn) forcing this inevitable release. All that is needed is some re-training and re-focusing. You are becoming more intuitive and refining your life. This is a time of radical self-care in terms of health and longevity.

Gemini: Craving home time? An inner vacation? A new house? A physical over-haul? Hit the reset button and take quiet time and personal space in order to find a new balance point for your Self. Take a time out any chance you get. Hit the pause button at work as much as possible and re-focus on your relationship with Self. Allow your self to daydream. Work on liberating the mind.

Cancer: Here’s a little reminder via the immortal words of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: “The force of evolution is the impulse of the desire of the Creator. ‘Things should grow, things should grow,’ is the desire of the Creator. The growth of the individual, even though basically due to the force of evolution, is dependent on how much the individual cooperates.” Transform your mind into your guru. (Hint: The word of the week is Guru. Tag. You’re it!)

Leo: It just got dark in here! Someone turn on a light!!! Use your super-galactic x-ray vision to penetrate the murky astrosphere. Be sure to wear protective gear and don’t forget to call in back up if necessary. Use your innate dynamism to cultivate new growth, new experiences and a deeper connection to pure knowledge- but don’t expect it to arrive encased in diamonds.

Virgo: Every great novel has a great ending. They don’t always make sense or give you the conclusion you were hoping for. They often don’t even feel like an ending at all. You are able to write your own ending right now. What do you want it to say? Craft your words and thoughts carefully. You are the author of your life. A lot of deep learning is happening, see it as your medicine.

Libra: You may not be digesting words and thoughts well right now. Most of your processing is happening in your dream-state. Try another medium. Transform your dreams into manifest form through creative action. Paint, pens, clay and body movement speak louder than words. Create a new relationship with your Self and eventually this will help you relate to others. You are learning how to relate in new ways, bring this awareness back onto the Self!

Scorpio: There’s a process of liberation happening here. De-frag the system. Clean up the hard-drive. Hit the pause button and hit refresh. Tend to your inner child, it feels forgotten and forlorn. You have some old woundologies to address head on. Be bold and gentle. Fierce and tender. Vulnerable is the new strong. Use this time to manifest something bigger. Step into your comfort zone.

Sagittarius: Your new mantra is: Trust the process. Trust the process. Trust the process…. The heart and the mind need to come to some sort of agreement. They are each having a temper tantrum and you are the parent yelling ultimatums. Are you giving each of them equal attention, space, rest and love? Have you lost sight of your parental values? Let’s have a pow-wow and re-group. See this as a time to strengthen your foundation. Baby steps will be more profitable than leaps and bounds.

Capricorn: Drive carefully. Look both ways before crossing the street. Double-tie your shoelaces. Wear earplugs. Breathe. Sharpen and refine your tools. The mind and the heart need to function more seamlessly in order to get the job done. Do yoga to strengthen the inner and outer bodies. You are discovering how to re-create your Self right now and how to make this an offering. Quit looking over your shoulder.

Aquarius: Clear your throat. Watch out for hairballs. Does it feel as though no one is hearing you? Speak up and let your voice be heard. You have something important to say, but speaking in tongues is not an international language. Your intuition is your honing device and will let you know what is the right thing to do and say. Listen up! It’s time to outgrow others’ stories and re-examine your own.

Pisces: Your theme song is Roberta Flack’s “Killing me Softly.”  Relationships will be the death of you if you don’t get a grip on your Self! Your relationship with your Self, and others needs an upgrade. Find a new way. Use some new tools. Transcend the debts of the past and wake up renewed. There can be great healing right now, but it will require your action and perseverance. Fall in love with your inner-child and bake her/him some cookies.

*Jyotish (Vedic astrology) predates Western astrology and many consider it to be more precise and accurate. My weekly updates are based on your Jyotish rising sign, but could be viewed from your Sun or Moon sign as well as your Navamsa. As always, individual birth chart and chart specific details will modify an individual’s experience. For more information about your Jyotish rising sign, contact me here: www.facebook.com/swatijrjyotish


Editor: Kate Bartolotta.

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