Non-Duality to Address Contemporary Human Predicament. ~ Jagdish Kohli, PhD

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on Mar 13, 2012
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Non-Duality is the source of all creation, including planet Earth.


A human-being is a dynamic and marvelous manifestation of this creative Divine force. Keeping this awareness in our daily living experience creates a very high quality of mind. Over the millennium there has been a decline in this human awareness. This has led to the design of unsustainable societal systems. Problems of inadequate economic systems, unaffordable healthcare, uncontrollable pollution, growing joblessness, increasing social unrest, growing terrorism, and corruption have destabilized life on our beautiful planet.

The need to move society in a new direction has surfaced as a challenge for the current generation. Invoking the energy of Non-Duality empowers people to solve all societal problems effectively.

Interconnectedness of Life

The source of all creation including planet earth, plant life, animal kingdom and human beings is the energy of non-duality. In addition to the source of creation it is also the binding force which interconnects all life in the universe.

Life is all interconnected and interdependent creating a huge cycle of vibrating energy. A view of this global interconnection is captured in Figure 1.

Every node on the sphere represents some aspect of human well-being activity such as; economic system, food, healthcare, jobs, unemployment, wages, legal system, safety, security, environment, pollution, terrorism, crimes and wars and so on. Any large disturbance on one node of the sphere will impact the energy of the total global system. Unsustainable perturbations in many significant areas of life have destabilized life on planet earth.

Human Living Predicament

During the past century many changes have occurred on our planet. The human population has grown many folds stressing the resource utilization from the planet. Humanity has witnessed the development of many new technologies and explosion of knowledge in every field of human endeavor. Many of these developments have improved life for a selected segment of the global population. Not monitoring the impact of human doing has led to the failure of many societal systems. Human unawareness has resulted in:

•    Failed financial systems, corporate greed, corruption and unsustainable youth unemployment.

•    Wars, crimes, terrorism, and overcrowded prisons.

•    Foods produced with toxic chemicals, water and air pollution.

•    Poverty, illiteracy, disease, hunger.

The current state of the planet and the quality-of-human-life is the result of “crisis in human consciousness”. The meltdown of current societal systems and institutions is the result of leading a life of unawareness by leaders, educated elite and the masses. This phenomenon of too much material development with declining awareness of the inner self is captured in Figure 2.

The gap between material growth and self awareness continues to widen and human misery has already reached at an unsustainable level.

Non-Duality for Modern Time

Non-Duality is the source of all creation. The Duality of the material world experiences the world in pairs such as the perceiver and the perceived, subject and object, good and bad, self and world. While these polarized distinctions appear to be obvious and are both deeply ingrained and quite compelling, they are fundamentally mental constructs. This Duality split may justify material progress but the unifying energy behind this is “Non-Duality”. Getting connected with this source of creation brings a total transformation in one’s life. Any human being with this transformation lives a blissful life and crates the same for others.
There is no single path to perceive the power of non-duality. Every human being has the potential to discover this blissful state in his/her own unique way. An eight fold path defined by Buddha to raise the level of human consciousness is given at the bottom of the page.

The practice of thought meditation can also transform our life. By invoking the right thoughts we create a blissful life. The progression of thought energy to destiny is shown below as well.

The transformational power of Non-Duality must be shared with millions of people seeking change through social media networks.


The planet faces today an unprecedented set of problems because of a serious crisis in human consciousness. If we don’t act with responsibility now humanity will soon be approaching threshold of unimaginable chaos, calamity, death and destruction. But there exists a timeless and lasting solution to address issues facing humankind. It derives from the notion of the power of ideas and the attributes of Non-Duality are so powerful that their effect upon the World will be most profound. The secret of solving the global and local problems lies in the awareness of Non-Duality.

Buddha’s Eight Fold Path:

Right View Right Intention Right Speech Right Action
Right Livelihood Right Effort Right Mindfulness Right Concentration

Progression of Thought Energy to Destiny:

Character Character
Habits Habits Habits Habits
Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions
Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts


Jagdish Kohli holds a Ph.D. Degree in EE from IIT Roorkee, India. He worked as a Communication Scientist at Bell Labs., Bell Communication Research and AT&T for over 21 years. His research contributions have been published in a number of technical journals and magazines. He also presented his findings at a number of national and international conferences. He was invited to contribute a comprehensive article on “Medical Communications” for the Encyclopedia of Telecommunications. Jagdish also has held faculty positions at Panjab University, Chandigarh India, IIT Roorkee, India, New York University, NY and has been an invited speaker at Stanford University, California USA. For the past eight years Jagdish has addressed issues related to the quality of our daily living experience. He has published and presented insights on “Wealth & Quality of Life”, “ The Journey of Human Thought & Happiness”, “Many Facets of Human Mind”, “Our Dynamic Cellular Body” and “Nurturing The Self.” Jagdish and his wife Shashi live in San Francisco bay area and are members of SKY. They have two children and two grand children. Jagdish can be reached at: [email protected]


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45 Responses to “Non-Duality to Address Contemporary Human Predicament. ~ Jagdish Kohli, PhD”

  1. ValCarruthers says:

    Fascinating to see the interconnections examined in this way. And profound.

    Just posted to "Featured Today" on the Elephant Spirituality Homepage.

    Valerie Carruthers
    Please go and "Like" Elephant Spirituality on Facebook

  2. Jill Barth says:

    I posted this to the Elephant Green Facebook page. Thanks for sharing!

    Jill Barth, Green Editor
    Join us! Like Elephant Green on Facebook

  3. Non-duality is not a thing. To say: " Getting connected with this source of creation brings a total transformation in one’s life. Any human being with this transformation lives a blissful life and crates the same for others." is like saying (in the Christian sphere for example) "Let Jesus be your savior and you will live a righteous life and confer righteousness on others".

    Find out what dual and non-dual is for yourselves, dear readers. Read Jed McKenna, David Carse for the no nonsense versions; Adyashanti for no nonsense in a velvet glove.

  4. Jill Owen says:

    Getting connected with the source of creation lets us know that,engage in ecological mayhem, what we are really destroying is ourselves. We are not above nature. We are nature. God won't fix it for us because we are God. The web of being is one connected whole, and it is up to us to take care of it.

  5. Radj says:

    What a simple way to explain the truth! Life is so much simplified if we only realize the truth "as is" and follow all the good things we have learned so far. Duality even comes into existence in life form when the functioning state deviates from its source, which is the "Non-Duality". Deviation in the life is aroused to fulfill the 3 sensational needs (Hunger, Protection from climatic conditions, Excretion of wastes) and hence the material development occurs. As per Vethathiri Maharishi, when these 3 needs are fulfilled in moderation only, individuals achieve peace which leads to the Family Peace, Society Peace and then eventually the World Peace. When the fulfillment goes beyond moderation, six temperamental moods rise (Greed, Anger, Miserliness, Unethical sex, Ego, Vengeance) and lead to the five sinful acts (Steal, Lie, Kill, Gamble, Rape). The author has correctly stated that only the individual transformation can merge and restore the balance for a beautiful, prosperous and peaceful world! Be Blessed By The Divine!

  6. May The Whole World Enjoy Prosperity, Happiness and Peace
    www vethathiri
    Vazhga Vaiyagam Vazhga Vaiyagam Vazhga Valamudan
    with love Vinoth Vethathiri

  7. R.Sundararajan says:

    Be blessed by divine.

    May be all these miseries exist as a subject to discuss for us but really is it existing while we sleep? Yes. Though it exist, we sleep peacefully. We need to enquire where these miseries raised and the " Seer" who is observing this pain and pleasure.

    An individual human is dropping all these pains when he sleeps. So dropping the thoughts is major factor to be happend. Hence contineous observation of thoughts is helpful to control the unnecessary thoughts and retain the useful thoughts for smooth life.

    if every human start concentrating on thoughts, definitely we all eradicate the bad thoughts whichever is harmful to other beings and world.

    May the whole world enjoy peace and prosperity…


  8. M Murhu says:

    >>>blissful life and crates the same for others.

    I think you meant to type: blissful life and crEates the same for others.

  9. Rajeswari says:

    vazhga valamudan.We should spread unconditional love towaqrds all the soul in this world.TATH VA MASI should be spread.Only pure love will change everthing u have pointed out.
    Shivaya namaha om.

  10. Sheldon Marcus says:

    "God won't fix it for us because we are God." What a profoundly practical expression of Swamiji's teachings!

  11. Jagdish says:

    Be blessed by the Divine!
    Life is all interconnected so are we.

  12. Jagdish says:

    Those moments of daily living when we expeience GOD within us we are in touch with the creative force of life- Non-Duality.

  13. Jagdish says:

    Be blessed by the Divine!
    Thank you for thoughtful comments. Searching for the "Absolute Truth" of life is the ultimate goal of most of humanity.

  14. Jagdish says:

    Be blessed by the Divine!
    Self-Introspection is the starting point in observing the flow of thoughts. The sheer act of observing starts purifying the impure thoughts. With thought meditation we can create our own destiny.

  15. Jagdish says:

    Please rephrase the question.
    When we are peaceful and blissful we can help others to acquire the same.
    Be blessed by the Divine!

  16. Jagdish says:

    Be blessed by the Divine!
    The source of PURE LOVE is within each one of us. The first stage of sharing love in the world is to experience love within one-self.

  17. Jagdish says:

    Be blessed by the Divine!
    Non-duality is the creative energy of the universe and is beyond Jesus. Books can inspire us to travel on the road of spirituality to experience blissfulness.

  18. C.prakasj says:

    I full agree. The problem with almost every human being is that in order to acquire the wealth by any mean is creating more problem as one has to come with different level of ones personality to different person in order to fool others and to grab everything to satisfy his lust. In the whole world the economic status of the individuals is becoming the standard of his ability. When the late CEO of Apple was not earning anything he was being ignored by everyone but when his inventions became very popular became the central figure for so many people. So in order to be big everyone is grabbing economic powers and in this race he is doing compromise with the nature in every field.

  19. Dear Jagdish,
    A good definition has been given to Non-Duality. Man only is capable of tracing his origin by his rational thinking. He is able to realize that the origin to be the Absolute Space – the Divine. It got transformed into universe, earth, living system, in that as humans also. This realization without any ambiguity leads to the wisdom called "Non-Duality". The orderliness with which the Absolute Space functions is consciousness. This understanding leads to inculcate in him not to interfere or contravene in the orderly function of the Divine.

    Another important understanding about nature, that is, cause and effect system renders man very cautious about his deeds. Through his actions to meet out his needs, he will take care that the result out of his acts should be acceptable and a enjoyable to the self and the society, not only at present but also in future; not only to the body but also to the mind.

    Understanding the orderly function in the "self" and abiding it is called "self respect". This will lead him not to abuse the "self" either physically or mentally. This itself becomes worship of God. This enlightenment makes man to see every human or every living being or anything it nature to be the aspects of the Divine Absolute.

    He is able to realize his life is protected and provided by the society. Society is taking all the materials needed to the individual only from Nature. The trigonal relationship brings in him the respect and love with everything. It is the real love. It is the real compassion. Three virtues of life comprising morality, duty and charity become way of life. This is the real "Karma Yoga". No disturbance to the self, to the society and to nature.

    Tranquility in the mind, enjoying nature with Divine bliss and ecstasy will prevail. This is the real enjoyment.

    No contamination of mind, no contamination of the body, no contamination of the environment, no contamination everywhere in every aspect.

    The deep understanding of Non-Duality really will lead to a peaceful coexistence and a prosperous world.

    Be blessed by the Divine.

    May the whole world enjoy prosperity happiness wisdom and peace.

  20. Arunvel T says:

    This is a good complementary –

  21. The International conference on Ancient Science for the modern times held at NJIT in 2011 ( was a unique one that took place for the first time. Dr. Kohli's talk on non-duality was wonderful and the video will be posted in You tube shortly. Vethathiri Maharishi's version of non-duality answers Einstein's questions on relativity and gravity merging modern and Ancient Sciences

  22. Dr. Madhavan says:

    I fully agree with Dr. Jagadish Kohli. Duality is existence and Non duality is attitude. With non duality existence is ONE – nay NOT TWO. We live with the understanding that things are must for living. Yet we don't know what these things are made up of. probably we don't care. We have lost the understanding of fundamental and spread our life in a very shallow manner – thus moving towards chaos. Non duality is essentially the Spirituality which is the first curiosity of Human kind and continue to get the same curiosity even today. The formula is U = U. The first U stands for yourself and the next U stands for the Universe. Both are objects of duality and subjects of Non duality – thats where they become ONE. If we all develop this attitude that you are no different than myself, we can live in peace and leave this world peaceful for our generations to come. This is what Maharishi has emphatically said chnage your 6 vices to 6 virtues to bring in the understanding of non duality leading to happiness and peace with in – the seed for peace out side. Thanks a lot Dr. Kohli.

  23. DR.MADHAVAN says:

    This is an article DUALITY & RELATIVITY published some time back. may be it is too long; may be worth reading. SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY – DUALITY & RELATIVITY Part I
    VethathiriDasan – Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D.,

    Recently, I happened to see an English Movie “Angels & Demons” by Tom Hanks as the hero. Though it is a movie, it was more of a challenge between Science & Religion (Spirituality – God).

    It is some kind of a challenge between the power of Science and the power of God. This is in the background of the latest experiment of particle physics using Hadron Collider in CERN Geneva, trying to find out the God’s particle?

    Particle being a matter and the God’s particle being the source of all matter is expected to close many doubts about the Unifying source of matter. But the villain here is the Antimatter that poses a threat worse than that of an atom bomb. The anti matter is collected as a part of the experiment and is used to threaten Religion and to demonstrate the superiority of Science. Illuminati, a fictitious concept used here in the movie as the Villain Science Challenging God.

    The word Illuminati flashed something in me, as it is the Light and the light is playing a key role in science and Spirituality.
    According to Einstein, Matter & energy are convertible, as they are one & the same. The factor that converts is the speed of light. Light behave as material – particle and as energy – wave. Unlike other matter, light is able to move without the help of any medium and without any loss of speed with distance. Light exhibits duality and relativity. Duality – because it is both particle and wave. Relativity – because it is connected with mass & energy conversion.
    According to many Saints, especially the south Indian Saint Ramalinga Vallalar also uses Light as the source of God – Arutperum Jyothi.
    “And God said let there be Light and there was light” – Bible, Genesis 1:3
    Lama Surya Das in his book, ‘Awakening to the Sacred’ writes – All cultures, peoples, and religious groups through all times have talked about the phenomena of light in the context of the religious or mystical experience. Those who have seen visions of holy beings typically see them surrounded by white light. People have always described going to the light, finding the light, being called by the light, dissolving in the light. We read about light in The Egyptian Book of the Dead as well as The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Men, women, and children who have had classic near-death experiences vividly describe arriving in a place of white light; they speak of themselves and others as being bathed in white light.

    Light is a part of the primary source material. As the history of mankind developed, the concept of light became institutionalized; it was then interpreted according to cultural and religious beliefs. Pure light thus became light of God, light of truth, light of Buddha, light of Jesus, cosmic light, and ocean of light depending upon where you were born and what you were taught. Light, however, is constant. It is fundamental energy, and the energy does not die.
    Light is energy, light is the guiding spirit and the light is the beginning of Universe. The Big Bang is heard only after the Big Bright engulfing of tremendous amount of light. Light is a challenge both to Science and Saints.

    To be continued…

  24. Dr. Madhavan says:

    VethathiriDasan – Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D.,

    Light, whether it is a matter of Science or Spirituality, exhibit two things – Duality and Relativity.
    Duality is Thuvaitha philosophy (Jeevatma / Paramatma) in Spirituality. In Science it is Particle and Wave (or Matter and Energy). When this duality is merged into one, then is the emerging philosophy of Advaitha (Monism) – the One God.
    Duality, in essence is a pair of opposites that co exist. Take examples of Matter & Anti matter or Action & Reaction or Rich & Poor or Light & Dark or High & Low or positive & Negative etc. This pair of opposites is responsible for this Universe which is filled with Matter & Energy. In other words Duality is responsible for the Existence. Science at this point of time cannot go beyond the search of existence to that of Non existence. While our Saints and Philosophers like Vethathiri Maharishi have transcended above duality and brought concepts of One God to all Philosophers and One Universal Gravity to all the Scientists. What is One, cannot be proved to be in existence, which is made up of two things out of that One. Light in no way can find shadows without matter in between. The shadow is the Universe and the Light is God.
    As long as the Duality exists, the Relativity will also exist. In the Universe there is not a single thing that is independent. Everything is related to each other. When one is affected he other will also get affected automatically. Take the example of Ecological balance. Does it not prove the Relativity in the Universe? God or Gravity do not come in the ambit of Relativity, as it is an independent Nirguna Brahmam – the absolute space. When this space starts spinning by itself into tiny whirlpools due to its Self compressive surrounding pressure force, making a combination of Attractive and Repulsive forces, causing the generation of Fundamental energy particles. When they are put together forms the duality and relativity then they blossom into what we call Universe & living beings. It is the beginning of Light.
    Spirituality is thus leading Science to that of non duality and non relativity concept – the concept of Gravity or God. Knowledge of this will put our greediness to an end and characterize us to lead a virtuous life in an atmosphere of care & share to a state of compassionate emotional balance like nature’s ecological balance.
    Let our search for a new thinking and working, to leave this world for a happy living to our future generations of mankind.

    “May the Whole World enjoy Prosperity, Happiness, Wisdom and Peace”.
    Please send your comments to email: [email protected]
    For more articles visit website;

  25. Dr. Aswini Rajaram says:

    Non-duality is the essence of life. Dr. Kohli,s explanation is comprehensive and complete

  26. sundar Kaliyaperumal says:

    Life is all interconnected and interdependence nicely explained well by Dr.Jagdish Kohli. This article helps to bring out the importance of divine awareness, which will frame us with high quality of mind.

  27. Indira Bhatt Gupta says:

    Bravo Elephant!! Publishing Dr. Kohli’s article is very timely…. Becoming aware of our existence and the interconnected nature of reality originating in non-duality is the need of the moment…. Road maps created by many revelators including Dalai Lama
    and Thathuvagnani Vethathiri (1911-2006) empower us to experience our own non-duality

  28. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will often come back in the foreseeable future. I want to encourage that you continue your great work, have a nice morning!

  29. jagdish says:

    Thank you for your kind comments. Wait for more to come!

  30. The human being driven by greed to amass material wealth has an insatiable appetite. So much that he is resorts to immoral means to the detriment of society. Morality should be the result of an effortless flow within the human mind to stand line with the spirit of nature. That effortless inspiration is possible only when the human mind taps into the essence of non-duality and stays connected. A good effort to raise the non-dual awareness.

  31. -Siva Srinivasan says:

    Thank you to elephantjournal and the author Dr.Jagdish Kohli for posting this wonderful article. This article captures the subtle fact about "co-existence" of every object in the universe. Even if one plucks a flower in one corner of universe, the interconnectedness generates ripples of effect across the layers of universe. Great souls have preached the significance of "cause and effect". The modern day philosopher, Shri Vethathiri Maharishi, has done a splendid job in explaining the physics, science, psychology, spirituality, sociology and economics of this non-duality principle and I was thrilled to see that this article brings out the same principles. I was fortunate enough to attend Dr.Kohli's speech about this subject in NJIT during the 2011 international conference about non-duality and got many of my questions answered. Please keep up the good work. World needs such work to salvage itself from the human actions done without assessing the effects on the planet and universe. Hope the age of science throws light on subjects like these to correct our thoughts, actions and habits.

  32. Dan Leftwich says:

    Thank you, Dr. Kohli, for bringing these profound principles down to the level of experience, not just thought. As Gandhiji said: "Be the change you want to see in the world." This is an expression of the path you are describing back to Source. By focusing our intentions on increasing Awareness, we begin to see the interconnectedness of all existence. Awareness then becomes Experience, and then Action arises out of our Experience of Oneness. At that point, there is no Doer, there is only Doing. This is Conscious Evolution — the way of Non-Duality. Bless you for this contribution to our Awareness.

  33. Scott Newsom says:

    Jill, That is beautiful.Very well said.

  34. […] opposites. These include, action and reaction, pain and pleasure, hate and love, war and peace. We experience the world through a dualistic process. The quality-of-our-life is determined by the type of energy that flows […]

  35. Kapal D. Madra says:

    Dr. Kohli has beautifully explained Non-Duality to become a Yogi and he also stated that Duality has caused enormous problems in this Universe which is true.. I would like to mention that Duality is here since time memorial and it is going to be here whether we like it or not.. However before we strive for consciousness we should become Gyani so that we could solve these challenging problems. We must realize that this Human Beast has infinite potetial to solve any problem. Science and Technology is playing a major role in finding the efficient way of handling these issues..There is no shortage of food but there is a bottle neck of distribution and storage.
    In my opinion everything in this Universe is going on by the Laws of Nature(Prakarti) therefore we should not worry at all.

  36. Jagdish Kohli says:

    The problems humanity is facing in modren times are caused by human unawareness. Raising the level of this awreness is the need of our time. Naure is pure energy but human mind is corruted by impure energy. This impure energy is caused by impure thoughts and belifes of anger, fear, hurt, attachment, greed, etc.

  37. I Came here just bcoz i wanted to feel like James Bond

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  40. […] me, this is the trickiest part of the path, yet the most important. The description “non-duality” by definition alone creates duality. Herein lies the importance and my emphasis on experience […]