March 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Your Sweet Pooch. ~ Nicole Maniez











A few songs to celebrate your love.

When my dog was a pup I could never imagine that his incessant search for play and attention would mature into the old man that now inhabits dog beds and spends most of his day in rest.

I didn’t realize he would age faster than me.

As my dear friends have had to let their dogs pass on to what is next, my heart aches to know that one day I may have to make the same decision for my sweet boy. I’ve been fighting his aging, hoping I can find the pill, the right acupuncture point or the good adjustment that will release the aches in his body.

But I can’t.

My first time living with an aging family member, I realize I must let him get old. I must accept that he is entering his sunset years. His body follows what is natural. He has lived a sweet life, with adventure, adoration and most recently, lots of food scraps from the table. I love him dearly. I need to give him the space to be who he is right now and stop trying to fix the situation.

We treat the end of life so differently in our pets than we do with our humans. Our animals teach us how to live life and also how to let go. What are they teaching us that we do not accept?

In tribute to all the furry family members, thank you for teaching us so much, for showing us pure love, and for being so humble and eager to live life. You speak to us in your quiet ways, opening up our hearts, encouraging us to let love in. The touch of your sweet nose on my skin will help melt my rough exterior for years to come.

In Tribute to Love:

Heavenly Day—Patty Griffin

Man of the Hour—Nora Jones


Walking My Dog—Nellie McKay

Black Eyed Dog—Nick Drake

All Good Things—Klaatu


In loving memory of Ella and Kodiak.


Editor: Kelly Brichta


Nicole Maniez is an acupuncturist, herbalist, yoga teacher and childbirth educator in the Boston area.  She is lucky to get to combine multiple loves into one sweet career, doing what she loves and helping people move closer to health and wholeness.  She is also a momma, an art maker, and an out-of-tune music maker.  Hoping that she will never lose the ability to laugh at her follies (and yours), she cultivates her curiosity in an attempt to keep life entertaining.  She loves mail.  Send her something inspiring. Follow her on FB and Twitter.

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