March 13, 2012

Social Movement & Oh Hey, Massive Solar Flares. ~ Capri Kurtz

Photo: Brooks Elliott

The sound of coyotes howling in the early morning hours is my sound backdrop to beginning this article. They sound playful and frighteningly reckless.

We earthlings right now have a similar quality about us.

Recently there has been a wave of movement that’s happening with Invisible Children and spreading talk about this KONY character. There is lots of sporadic talk, reactions and convictions bursting forth from unexpected people who are ready to support this cause. Then, there are the people flaring up ready to counter the cause.

We’re all hootin’ and hollerin’ and it feels good, different, exciting… such are these times for many.

Meanwhile, our universe is experiencing a straight up sun storm. Our sun (the life force for Earth) is having tsunami style flares. These flares don’t happen often; the last really big one like this was in 2003, which was record-breaking itself.

It has been predicted that these sun flares will continue with increased momentum into 2013. The chemistry between the Sun and Earth can make for some negative effects on our technology, which is the fear for March 8th—especially with planes and GPS type things. Chemically speaking, Earth is directly effected by these sun storms.

Try to convince yourself that the energy from the Sun is not effecting people on mental, physical or emotional levels. You can’t!

Throughout history we’ve understood that the cosmos hold forces over humans which we cant quite understand. The more we do the harder it is to understand. Keeping it simple—our little moon controls the tide as it controls a woman’s cycle. We all know how those cycles can have an effect on the mental, physical and emotional levels.

Have you watched this awesome video for perspective yet? It never gets old…

“The Known Universe”


For the sake of a point, KONY is just an archetype.

He’s a figure of destruction, negativity, greed, power, control. It’s not settling well with people—especially many 8th graders of our country. Regardless of the medium (well produced, sentimental, indie yet Hollywood-esq documentary), this is a movement spawned from people wanting love and peace over hate.

There is a valid point at the end of the show which displays the pyramid of heirarchy—money ruling and people at the bottom and then the image in reverse. Its used to inspire people to join this movement. For some people, this concept of being part of a change in the world has not been experientially understood until now.

Hopefully this will act as a preparation to get people, especially ones saturated in B.S. media and lifestyles, more pliable to become openly involved and actively participating to make changes in this world outside of their own lives. which means more than posters, money donations and Facebook shares. That is as positive a view that I can muster up on this topic.

Ultimately, people against people is still so-so microscopic in the grand scheme of things. We can get enraged about someone treating children poorly, but what about how we’re treating Earth? Where’s our compassion for the planet? It’s not as easy to relate to, especially for starters.

So while the solar flares up, the tornadoes drop down, and the people get all weird posting (paper) signs all over the cities making a criminal a celebrity in April, remember this fact:

Earth is just the right distance from the sun so that temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold for living things to survive. Any tiny bit farther away, we would all freeze. Any tiny bit closer and we’d all burn to death. Bye bye humans!

If you’d want to debate or get hyped on a movie and movement that matters on a larger, dare I say, more meaningful scale—watch and talk about this:

Everything is in it’s right place.







Capri Kurtz is working hard/hardly working as a graduate student in the amazing lineage of Classic Five Element Acupuncture. She is inspired by nature and    energized by love and laughter. Striving to evolve-she writes on her blog, Pilgrimage to Balance, and for fun on twitter @fivelementalife.


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