The Rise of Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools. {interview with Karma Carpenter}

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The International Association of School Yoga and Mindfulness (IASYM) knows the times are a-changing.

Karma Carpenter Shea, IASYM Founder, joins us to discuss the rising trend of bringing yoga and mindfulness into schools. The goal of IASYM is to promote pediatric health through sustainable yoga, mindfulness and contemplative ed programs for students and staff. She’ll share why mind-body tools are becoming so popular. As well, we’ll delve into some of the science behind the hoopla.

Special guests include Debbie Cohen (Boston Public Schools yoga/mindfulness program) , Ryan McGraw (yoga for Cerebral Palsy), Dee Marie (Calming Kids Yoga: anti-bullying) and Rachel Glowacki (award winning kids yoga apps).

Listen here:


Learn more about IASYM on the K-12yoga.org website.

Thanks to everyone who listened, called in and participated. We’ll be offering more in-depth interviews with experts on various topics of interest to yoga instructors, teachers, administrators, researchers and others in the coming months. Access the 60+ interviews in our archives via iTunes.

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Editor: Tanya L. Markul

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