March 7, 2012

KONY 2012: the Trifecta of Revolutions. {the Video}

Photo: Cory Moore, gift to Invisible Children Facebook Page

Author’s Note:  I am always on the lookout for new information, and my research knows no limits. Take this evening, for instance, when the following very interesting perspective on this exact revolution came across my facefeed. See what I’m sayin’?


This Revolution is the balls. Let’s End a War.

Guess what, guys? I found a revolution the meat-eaters and vegans can come together on. This one is for the Anusaras and the Ashtangis. Democrat/ Republican differences will dissolve. It is a revolution we can all get together and drive. This revolution is for you. And your cousin Jerry, who still owes you that fifteen bucks.

Trifecta? How?

1) It features the perfect evil dictator to overthrow.

Ultimate bad guy. Photo: Invisible Children.com

 “Joseph Kony is a guy who has been abducting African children from there homes and families for the past 26 years. He turns girls into sex slaves, turns boys into child soldiers and makes them kill their own families. Over 30 thousand children have been kidnapped and tortured and nothing has been done to stop him. The American government has finally decided to help but awareness needs to be raised so they continue…”   ~ Nick Camo, Invisible Children

2) It is by the people.

Some dude went to Uganda, met a runaway fleeing for his life, heard the horror show he was running from,  and decided he couldn’t live with himself as a father if he didn’t work for change.  It went out to 100,000 people, and at that point the US Gov’t listened, and Obama sent over some people.  Now it needs sustaining and bolstering. This is a genuine grassroots revolution, aimed at getting the #1 war criminal on the planet jailed.

3) It is a wellspring, an experiment, a seed.

This thing wins in 2012?  We all win.  When we make this thing happen, the Occupy Movement grows wings. The housewife oppressed and told what to think grows wings. Children learn that they are powerful.  This is the first of its kind, and uberpowerful in its ability to set an example of who we are together, and ignite further change while creating worthwhile, needed change. It is very now, very unique.  Look into it.

I’ll shut up now. Watch the Video. Viva!

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