March 2, 2012

Top Six New Moves for Deeper Core Strength.

Question: Are your inner thighs just as strong as the outer, back, and front of your legs?

Yeah…I thought so.

Your adductors are part of your Deep Core muscle meridian, a line that runs from feet to head that comprises your true core support and power.

Add my signature Six Core Variations for Adductors and Whole Body Core Strength to your regular yoga routine to balance the inner thighs’ strength and flexibility. This will help ease low back pain, improve posture and give you more power in all your poses:

(Pssst! Be sure to warm up really well first).

Side Plank with Variation: Begin in Down Dog. Split the left leg up, then bring knee into chest, rounded back and hips high (Core Plank). Roll onto the outer right foot for Side Plank. Bend the top, left leg, step into it—and then—surprise! Lift the straight, right leg for three breaths! Hellooo adductors!

Half-Crow Pose in Plank: Lift the left leg into Dog Splits again. This time, exhale to sweep your left knee high on your left arm. Squeeze the leg into the arm and arm back out against the leg for a strong bandha, or support. A slight bend in the elbow will challenge the arm muscles more.

Waterfall Warrior: From Half-Crow Plank, step left foot forward into a Warrior One stance. Clasp hands, and fold inside the front thigh. On the inhale, roll the torso and head back up. Exhale, wave back down, leading with the chest but still supporting with the low belly activating in and up the spine. Repeat the flow 3-5 times.

Fan Pose Lunges: From Waterfall Warrior, spin your front foot to parallel the back foot, and release hands to the mat. Spend a few breaths with one leg bent, stretching the other inner thigh, then reverse to the other leg. Then your full Prasarita Padottanasana (Fan Pose) will be even more amazing.*

*Now move into low lunge, Dog Pose, then take Child’s Pose for five breaths or so. When you’re ready, return to Downward Dog and repeat sequence on the right leg.

After completing both sides, proceed to the final poses!

Wild Angle Pose: This takes wide angle to a whole new level, as you add a side bend, a head rest (this takes your outer waist and back muscles offline more so you contact a deeper muscle meridian, like the quadratus lumborum and psoas) and a half-bound top arm. Maintain two evenly grounded sitting bones. Switch sides after a few breaths.

Eagle Curls: Come to lie on your back. Wrap your right knee over left and take the left arm over right as in standing Garudasana. Press the inner thighs together. Inhale, head and shoulders on the floor. Exhale, curl up, elbows to knees. Repeat 10 times on each side, or take an Eagle-wrap Twist on each side after the curl. Supreme yumminess will occur.

End the sequence in Goddess Pose on your back for 1-2 minutes to release the adductors and connective tissues in the groins and inner knees.

Hope you enjoy!




Prepared by Bob W./Editor: Kate Bartolotta

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donna Nov 14, 2013 4:39am

Sadie needs a video of this sequence, Please!

urbansoulalchemy Nov 14, 2013 2:30am

Oh wow – I can't wait to give this sequence a go! Especially the Eagle Curls. I can see from here how yumminess will occur! Thank you for this lovely posting.

Catalina May 9, 2013 7:02am

I'm not familiar with Dog Pose (*Now move into low lunge, Dog Pose, then take Child’s Pose for five breaths or so. When you’re ready, return to Downward Dog and repeat sequence on the right leg.). Can somebody explain Sadie's instruction? Thanks!

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