Want to support Africa, but don’t want to support Invisible Children? Here’s the list.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 12, 2012
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Best of List: “good, honest, transparent not-for-profits” based in Africa.

As we mentioned, there’s problems with Invisible Children, the un-audited “non-profit” behind the emotional, brilliant, moving KONY 2012 video—the most viral cause video in history.

I, as do most, appreciate the video’s success in raising awareness—though awareness is not enough. Action must follow, and it must be right action.

So here’s 11 organizations that have been vetted and are worth our support.


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4 Responses to “Want to support Africa, but don’t want to support Invisible Children? Here’s the list.”

  1. Sara says:

    Copyeditors: "here are"!

  2. integralhack says:

    I think this would be more compelling if it were not written at the expense of Invisible Children, since some of the "problems," especially the "unaudited" complaint, seem increasingly sketchy, but I do appreciate your raised level of reporting here. At this juncture, I'm scared to look into the vetted charities for fear that similar issues might appear under greater scrutiny!

    Right action? Right on, but in terrible environments like this it might come down to supporting lesser evils rather than supporting greater saints.

    But I think I'm with you and supportive of more peaceful and hopefully less-colonial (e.g. military) solutions.

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  4. laughingstock says:

    How about you stop supporting both of them. and start supporting your own local community.

    It's sickening.. how many people will donate for a bs cause out in africa/india/ what ever.. and walk by homeless people with out even cracking a smile and at the least wishing them better luck in the future. a simple hello makes them happy to not be cast aside..

    Yet here we are sending money to a country we have no idea of.. no idea of how this money is being spent. no idea of anything. This is sickening.