Yoga Undressed: Revealing the True Spirit of Yoga. ~ Jennifer Kries {Adult}

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on Mar 12, 2012
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Yogis often lament that the practice of yoga has grown far from its spiritual nascence and that it has been reduced to a physical fitness regime.

In the spirit of “taking yoga back,” – taking it back to its beginnings and honoring its ancient origins, it’s time to shine the light on naked yoga.

Naked yoga in its true form has little to do with society’s preconceived notions of sex or eroticism. But make no mistake: Naked yoga is sexy. It’s the sexy that comes from inside, when someone feels authentically embodied, confident, connected to spirit, and alive. The practice celebrates sexuality as a sacred creative force to be transmuted into higher channels, a spiritual exercise and a means of attaining oneness and vitality in the body, mind and spirit – true union that is both mystical and energizing, a combination that is incredibly empowering and liberating on many levels.

Not only do practitioners enjoy greater physical freedom, it literally helps people to feel more comfortable in their own skin, leading them to a undergo a profoundly cathartic experience, a shedding of armor and barriers, as well as the social masks we present to the world.

For people who suffer from low self-esteem and poor body image, when they practice without clothing in a safe, nurturing environment, they come to appreciate their bodies and understand that their feelings of shame are not their own, but a kind of inherited mind state that comes as a result of societal judgments from the outside world. Naked yoga helps anyone who wishes to be free of these kinds of emotional shackles that prevent us from celebrating all that we are, and all that we can be.

Add to this that when we consider the role that clothing has played in society, it seems to be in direct opposition to the spirit of yoga, which speaks to “oneness” and union. By design, clothing reminds us of our differences. It serves as a distraction that leads us away from a central yogic principal, the commonality of all living things, which inspires peace and compassion.

Remember skinny dipping? Naked yoga is skinny dipping in the air. You see and feel your own miraculous body move through space as it stretches from one asana to the next, resulting in a more mindful, sensual and connected practice. Practicing in the nude reminds us of what it felt like to be a child, innocent, and free, filled with curiosity and play. When we shed our coverings, we give ourselves permission to feel joyful and radiant, at home in our own skin, blissfully unselfconscious and aware.

YogaUndressed is the first and only series of its kind that combines the dynamic element of Kundalini yoga, along with profound Tantric philosophies and weaves them together in a seamless Hatha vinyasa flow, in an utterly natural and unadorned state. The practices in Yoga Undressed go beyond conventional “naked yoga,” because they teach the practitioner how to harness the infinitely powerful and transformative kundalini shakti, their sacred life force, while they experience the freedom of moving through space without clothing to restrict their movements, and more importantly, free of shame to restrict their souls.

As I know it, the true purpose of yoga is to explore inner awareness through the asanas and meditation in order to connect with one’s highest self and the divine. The practice of yoga was born as a means to attain spiritual enlightenment and to create an intimate, elevated connection with one’s own pure, essential nature. And the ultimate aim of practicing yoga is to achieve kaivalya which means emancipation, or absolute freedom.

Naked yoga facilitates a kind of letting go, a surrender that is always talked about in yoga practices … Surrender leads to non-attachment, which then, ultimately leads to freedom and true connection to spirit, and perhaps, who knows? If we’re lucky, even to enlightenment.

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Editor: Tanya L. Markul

Integrated wellness, fitness and lifestyle expert Jennifer Kries is credited with being the first to bring Pilates to a mass audience. Her award-winning videos, DVDs, and TV show revolutionized the fitness community and started the explosive wave of enthusiasm for Pilates and mind/body exercise. In addition to Yoga Undressed, she is the creator and producer of several other original DVD Series and modalities including Waking Energy, Hot Body Cool Mind Series, and The Pilates Method Master Trainer Series. Jennifer has inspired countless readers, practitioners, graduates of her programs, and viewers alike to embrace her all-encompassing philosophy of movement, art, health, life and energy.

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12 Responses to “Yoga Undressed: Revealing the True Spirit of Yoga. ~ Jennifer Kries {Adult}”

  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:

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    Posting to Elephant Yoga on Facebook and Twitter.

    Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor
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  2. TB732 says:

    I'm not sure I accept that this is in the "true spirit of yoga".

    Feeling like a child, innocent, and free filled with curiosity and play aside from a potential pedophile inference sounds like foreplay when you are in love to me. Those are all positive things but something that in my opinion should be left in the bedroom to be shared with your love, not exhibited in a studio. I'm sure exhibitionists experience the same or similar flow of senses.

    I don't mean to sound closed or judgmental.

    I don't think this is in the spirit of yoga, however beautiful it may be. I don't hear many people talking about purity today. What is pure and sacred? We will put almost anything on display, and I have done the same. While I appreciate the aspects beauty and discipline this captures I think there is a desensitizing that our society has being going through in cycles throughout history.

    There are some very artfully done adult videos out there but it is still porn. The simple fact that this video needs an {Adult} disclaimer warning carries it's own implications. I love nature, the beauty of the human body and soul. I love art, I love sex with someone I am committed to and love with all my heart, I love yoga but this to me is pushing the envelope. Would you invite your parents to watch this? Cousins? Aunts, Uncles? Perhaps, I doubt most exhibiting themselves like this would. I've seen it before and didn't formulate an opinion. Perhaps part of what I am feeling stems from recent loss of someone I was intimate with attached to and loved very much. Someone who I don't believe kept themselves "sacred" or special for me, their "love" and lover. It leaves you wanting, yearning, something pure and sacred and I believe the body in its sexual nature is something worth keeping pure and shared with someone in a manner that builds trust, security a sacred bond. But today we tend to share ourselves with others like salt and pepper at the dinner table. Intimacy is diluted, purity scarce. I believe the spirit of Yoga is humility, being present, love, being open to the divine, life and one another and so much more. I am not the definer of yoga, but those are the basics that I associate with it. The first limb of yoga is Yama: Universal morality. I'm not saying this is immoral, but I am saying as a man at a different stage than where I am today, it would lead me to immoral desires.

    Modern culture is out of touch with morality perhaps because there is little value placed on purity unless its regarding our food. But what about what we put in our minds? What we think is what we become according to the Buddha and also to the teachings of Christ. I don't mean to preach but to inquire.

    I'm sure there are many that can appreciate this as a reflection of nature's beauty, a reflection of the Divine's beauty. Is this really the way to that or is it vanity and exhibitionism? I do not think our exteriors can ever speak to purity or true beauty because the truth I have found and yoga been part of the journey is that real beauty and purity comes from within and that is where I think we should be looking.

  3. jlee says:

    oh please

  4. Yogaundressed says:

    We set out to create a dvd for use solely in the privacy of one's home, where one can be free. We do not teach naked classes, we just encourage people to explore this in private. A workout like this is great early in the morning or at the end of a long day, before a bath and surrounded by candles. Our work in the studio is meant to make all feel comfortable, and therefore everyone is fully clothed as we teach all ages and all body types. Yoga is Yin, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Anusara, Jivamukti or Iyengar and any combination of these disciplines people wish to explore on their own. Yoga first and foremost is the mastery of the mind, as well as the mastery of the body. Yoga is also about freedom – the freedom within and freedom from the opinions of others. I say whatever flag you choose to fly, make sure you fly it high. 🙂

  5. Yogaundressed says:

    I invite you to read this blog about the history of Tantric Yoga to understand that this is a practice that goes back a thousand years:… .

  6. BYoga says:

    totally bullshit to try sell your product by referring to Tantric practices that go back 1000 yrs! oh please….. exactly!!

  7. Catherine Simonson says:

    Why the hostility, Yogi? Naked yoga would be so good for you … would help you to replace that hard, nasty edge with some badly needed self-love, which in turn would cut down on harsh and senseless comments like this one you made above.


  8. Catherine Simonson says:

    And in defense of Yoga Undressed, which I think is an exceptional series (I own it and have been loving the practices!) Tantra originated in the 4th Century AD, so that's technically considerably MORE than 1,000 years ago.

  9. […] Yoga Undressed: Revealing the True Spirit of Yoga. {Adult} […]

  10. Unnolv B says:

    I thank you sincerely for what you are sharing!!! It is absolutely beautiful. It is serene, it is pure, it is natural, it is good! There is not a trace of anything negative here! And by all means you show a degree of accomplishment that is nothing less then admirable. My sincere thanks to you for beauty, grace and inspiration!

  11. zookeeper says:

    Thank you so much for this work. The spirit shows from every aspect. Namaste!