April 27, 2012

100 Good Ways to Live.

Photo credit: Bry Wise

Part manifesto, part creative process. Good ways to live.

  1. Practice yoga.
  2. Egos aside, just have fun!
  3. Don’t judge meat eaters.
  4. Don’t judge non meat eaters.
  5. Wear Lululemon to work.
  6. Ride your bike to yoga.
  7. Wear a helmet.
  8. Practice yoga on all religious holidays.
  9. Keep your friends close to you.
  10. Make a new friend.
  11. Keep a friend.
  12. Forgive a friend.
  13. Call your parents.
  14. Accept others’ differences—no one is like you, that’s a good thing.
  15. Put yourself in an uncomfortable position off the mat.
  16. Lay in the grass.
  17. Advance yoga is about being aware of your body. Not what the person is doing next to you.
  18. Go to a farmer’s market at least once a week.
  19. Drink local beer.
  20. Eat local cheese.
  21. Know where the steak you are eating is raised.
  22. Practice yoga outside whenever you can.
  23. Have a picnic under a tree.
  24. Send thank you cards not texts.
  25. Leave your cell phone at home for an entire weekend.
  26. Be charitable.
  27. Love the body you’re in.
  28. Be content with less.
  29. Plant a garden.
  30. Get a pedicure once a month.
  31. Drink coffee because you love it, not because you need it.
  32. Know what you’re afraid of and take steps to change that relationship.
  33. Laugh more.  (Both alone & in front of others.)
  34. Look at the sky from under a tree.
  35. Be the first to dance at a party.
  36. Embrace your uniqueness. There will never be another you in the entire lifetime of this universe.
  37. Get a tattoo.
  38. Go for a walk in a new neighbourhood.
  39. Hug someone everyday.
  40. Kiss someone everyday.
  41. Switch the side of the bed you sleep on.
  42. Start everyday with a glass of lemon water.
  43. Floss.
  44. Cover your fridge with pictures of people you love.
  45. Have a tea ritual before you go to bed.
  46. Take a road trip with friends.
  47. Make an awesome playlist.
  48. Practice yoga with music.
  49. Take a Restorative Yoga class every week.
  50. Introduce yourself to your neighbours.
  51. Walk around your house naked.
  52. Own/wear sexy underwear.
  53. Join Autoshare.
  54. Run outside.
  55. Do something that scares you everyday.
  56. Fart. It’s natural. But say excuse me!
  57. Drink coconut water instead of Gatorade.
  58. Drink champagne.
  59. Have a dinner party with all your friends.
  60. Roll out your yoga mat in a different spot every day.
  61. Introduce yourself to the person beside you in yoga.
  62. Soak your beans and rice over night, your tummy will thank you and your waist line will shrink.
  63. Walk on grass or in your garden for an hour a day.
  64. Clean your apartment.
  65. Donate clothing you have not worn in 12 months.
  66. Travel to different countries.
  67. Get your portrait done by a professional photographer once in your life. You look marvelous!
  68. Hit the snooze button!
  69. Sleep in once and awhile.
  70. Inhale.
  71. Exhale.
  72. Always come back to your breath.
  73. Dance your ass off!
  74. Ride roller coasters.
  75. Meditate.
  76. Before you speak ask yourself: is it useful? Necessary? Kind?
  77. Wait tables once in your life as a job.
  78. Tip big.
  79. Hold the door open for someone.
  80. Offer your seat on the bus to someone.
  81. Teach someone something.
  82. Be good at a couple of things instead of okay at a lot.
  83. Eat dinner every night with your good china.
  84. Bake someone a birthday cake.
  85. Take your dog for a lot of walks, if you don’t have one take your friend’s dog for a walk.
  86. Speak up for what you believe in.
  87. Buy the chocolate covered almonds from the kid raising money for his soccer team.
  88. Cheer people on at a marathon.
  89. Be passionate.
  90. Be a leader.
  91. Be part of a team.
  92. Have a water gun fight on a hot day.
  93. Be open to change, embrace it, you have no choice.
  94. Take an epson salt bath.
  95. Go out there and do things. Do it now. Do it now.
  96. Write down your short and long-term goals four times a year. Two personal, two business and two health goals for the next one, five and 10 years. Goal setting triggers your subconscious computer. Thanks Lululemon!
  97. Live in a clean home, free from clutter.
  98. Learn something new—take a class.
  99. Donate your time or money to a local charity once a month.
  100. Practice yoga. Did I say that already?

David Good has made a declaration to being an awesome and inspiring yoga teacher to the world. He believes yoga is way to discover our hidden potential. His passion is to create a community on and off the mat, an inclusive sangha of individuals practicing together, learning together and living together, goodyoga is that community. David’s quest is to share his passion for yoga and give everyone the gift of yoga in their lives. Join the goodyoga renewal revolution, offering free yoga sequences, health and wellness videos from his Holistic Nutritionist Kate and interviews from yogis all over the world that have helped shape his path. David has created the perfect way for beginner’s to experience yoga for the first time or more experienced yogis to rewind their practice and work on alignment, building their poses from the ground up with strength. His teaching style is an educated approach to yoga, rich with alignment cues and awesome vigorous flows. The practice will leave you feeling like you learned something about your body, while nurturing your soul. His take on yoga is refreshing and uplifting. 

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