April 26, 2012

Eight Simple Healthy & Green Travel Tips.

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.
~  Miriam Beard

This is the year you’re going to do it, right? You’ve saved, you picked the place and you’ve even set a date. But you want to travel as healthy and green as possible as it will save you money while also being nice to mother nature. Well, here are a few easy tips to help you get to your exotic destination, the healthy and eco way!

1. Carbon offset credits – Flying is one of the biggest fuel guzzling acts anyone can partake in. And unless you have unlimited time and funds, chances are you won’t be sailing across the globe to see it. Flying is a necessary evil, but by purchasing carbon offset credits, you can rest easy knowing that the money will be put to good green use!

2. Bring your own bottle – Always, always, always bring your own water bottle. Not just for health and hydration, but to keep plastic bottles out of the landfills. I don’t leave home without my reusable glass bottle!

3. Eco lodging – Do your best to stay at green friendly hotels. More and more, hotels and motels are going green by providing everything from hypoallergenic, organic rooms and bedding, to dual flushing toilets, etc. Many exotic resorts are super green—so relax in green luxury, worry free!

4. Drink your veggies – When traveling, being sure to keep your health and immune system in proper working order is key. Sometimes it’s tough to get in a great salad or big plate of veggies, so opt to bring a vitamin packed veggie powder that you can mix in water and drink up. My fave is Go Greens by ToGo Brands as each packet, mixed with 8ounces of water, is the equivalent to 6 servings of veggies!

5. When in room – Instead of having housekeeping change your sheets and towels every day, skip a day or two to save on the water and electricity it takes them to wash your not-so-dirty goods. Also, make use of your room and prep meals there by keeping left overs on ice and using your coffee pot to heat up food and soups!

6. Eat veg – Depending where you are in the world, eating vegetarian is easier then other spots. But you can always load up on local produce and fruit for snacks instead of opting for packed junk food like chips and cookies! Get to know local foods and cultures by checking out nearby markets and taste testing their goods!

7. Take walking or bike tours – When traveling, it’s fun to do some touristy stuff and take guided tours. Look for walking or biking tours so that you get some exercise in and steer clear of gas guzzling buses. Good for you and good for the planet!

8. Don’t break from your routine – Ok, so you might not be able to hit the gym every day or eat as healthy as you’d, like but letting yourself go completely while away makes it much more difficult to return to normalcy upon your return home. If you can squeeze in some stretching, a brisk walk and most importantly, being mindful of what you eat, you will thank yourself later!

Wherever you go on your next trip, make it healthy and green!


Editor: Lynn Hasselberger


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