April 25, 2012

Acupuncture? Really?


As an acupuncturist, the first thing people usually ask me is whether or not acupuncture really works. Well, I’m here to answer that question with a resounding yes! It really does work!

I first came to acupuncture after suffering several bad car accidents. Even after quite a bit of physical therapy, I couldn’t stand up straight and was told that I would have to have back surgery. That was my only option.

Well, being the rebel that I am, I began looking for other options. As a massage therapist, I was familiar with acupuncture and decided that this was the perfect time to try it. So, off I went.

It wasn’t an overnight miracle. But by the end of three months I was standing up straight and had become an absolute believer. Several years later, when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I once again turned to acupuncture. And this time I was so impressed I decided that I had to eventually learn how to do acupuncture myself.

So, that leads me to the second question that everyone wants me to answer. What exactly is acupuncture and how does it work?

Acupuncture itself consists of the insertion of fine sterile needles into specific points located on the body. Together, these points make up the meridian pathways that qi travels on. Qi is our energy or life force. When that energy gets blocked or stuck, physical and emotional symptoms begin to develop that eventually lead to disease. By inserting these fine hair like needles into the acupuncture points, we are able to unblock these pathways and allow the energy to flow freely again.


Since this energy is what provides nourishment to all the cells in the body, think about what happens when the energy gets stuck. It’s like an underground spring feeding a pond. If the spring becomes blocked and can no longer feed the pond, the pond will eventually dry up. Well, it doesn’t take long for us to begin feeling these effects either, when we are not being nourished properly. And let’s face it; although the body has amazing healing abilities, sometimes it needs a little push in the right direction.

Acupuncture is an effective form of health care that has evolved into a complete and holistic medical system.

Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive medical system to diagnose and help millions of people get well and stay healthy. By activating the body’s qi, acupuncture promotes natural healing and improves the body’s overall function and wellbeing. It also enhances a person’s recuperative power, boosting their immunity response and promoting overall physical and emotional health. And while it is a safe, painless and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems, perhaps its most amazing ability lies in its preventative powers. By keeping the meridians open and allowing the energy to flow in a smooth manner, we can continue to function optimally and actually enjoy good health.

The fact is many of our health issues in the United States are brought on by unhealthy lifestyle choices. We provide maintenance for our cars, but we run ourselves into a state of ill health by poor diet choices, lack of sleep and too much stress.

Regular acupuncture treatments bring us back into a state of balance where we naturally begin to make healthier choices for ourselves.

So, are you still wondering whether or not you should try acupuncture? My question is, “Why wouldn’t you?” It’s safe. It’s effective. And there are no harmful side effects. Doesn’t your body deserve to run as well as your car?

Our body is our home and everyone deserves to have a strong foundation. So, go ahead and try it. You don’t have anything to lose, but you have everything to gain when it comes to good health.

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Editor: Cassandra Smith

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