At the Top of the Mountain: The Tadasana Festival. ~ Weston Hudson

Via Tadasana
on Apr 17, 2012
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Victor Hugo once said, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

That time is now, the place is Los Angeles, and the village is Tadasana.

So what is Tadasana? In Sanskrit, tada means “mountain” and asana means “pose,” thus, Tadasana translates into “Mountain pose.”

The mountain is where we find ourselves stretching up into greater heights. It’s where we find the ability to see from a broader perspective, where we find our highest vision. The mountain is a symbol of ascending beyond to commune with a higher knowing. Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about his trip to the mountaintop. Jesus and Moses both visited. There’s magic at the top.

This coming weekend the wisdom of the top has found its way to the sea in the form of the first annual Tadasana Festival in Santa Monica. After many years, Santa Monica, the new mecca of yoga, is hosting one of its most powerful events ever.  A fellowship with a desire to share and connect with who we are at our deepest: one powerful, inner-connected family. At the leading edge of “the east”—now called “the west”—we find yoga. We find music. We find voice. We find community. We find Tadasana, ourselves standing as one in harmony around a common goal and common bond: to be unified with God and each other.

The mountain is where the rain falls and delivers the water to the land. The message has trickled down the mountain and has become embodied in some of the most powerful and inspiring teachers, musicians and speakers through their years of dedication and devotion. Tadasana is the starting position from which all standing poses begin.

I am excited to stand hand and hand with you at the Tadasana Festival and in the world, as we take a stand for what we care about the most: connection, inspiration and our ability to transform each other.

I look forward to standing at the top of the mat, at the top of the mountain, with you, in love, in light, having fun!

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Editor: Brianna Bemel


About Tadasana

The Tadasana Festival of Yoga and Music is a three-day transformative experience in Santa Monica, CA, held over Earth Day Weekend, April 20-22, 2012. Attendees will be able to choose from 50 master teachers offering 100+ classes, lectures and workshops with live, in-class musical performances by artists from around the world and an eco-conscious shopping market in an outstanding location, a mere five-minute walk from the famed Santa Monica Pier. Tadasana is a transformational festival uniting yoga, music and community bringing together like-minded practitioners and seekers through the practice of yoga. Stand Together at Tadasana and help transform your life on this planet, influencing and inspiring others to do the same in the creation of a more unified world.


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    Beautiful writing. Beautiful symbolism. To connection & to spreading Oneness!

  4. Pablito says:

    Very well written 😉