‘Awakened Leadership’ Trailer.

Via Alan Shelton
on Apr 19, 2012
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This wonderful trailer was put together by Worthy Marketing Group for my book “Awakened Leadership.” Available this May. I hope you enjoy!

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About Alan Shelton

Alan E. Shelton is a leadership coach, seminar leader, speaker, blogger, and author. His groundbreaking book, Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self-Mastery (May 2012), integrates the corporate leadership and spiritual worlds through his message that awakening is the felt sense that your actions seamlessly reside in who you really are and move in a perfect flow. Learn more about Alan at www.AlanShelton.com.


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  2. […] These states and levels aren’t places to judge ourselves, but to recognize where we are. Because we circulate through all of these, staying aware of where we are allows us to be healthier leaders. […]