Breaking: Harvard study reveals 25 ways that men are happier than women. {April Fools’ edition}

Via Andrea Balt
on Apr 1, 2012
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After nine months of intense psychological experiments on 5,869 subjects ages 22 – 99, Harvard experts revealed yesterday at a press conference held at the White House, what had only been suspected for most of history, but not yet scientifically proven.

The Hypotheses

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Some of the experiments performed

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The Conclusion

“This doesn’t come as news to me”, said Obama in his official statement. “I mean, it’s just like religion: one of those universal, unquestionable truths one should just accept already, goddamnit. You know me, I get all heated up about equal rights and sh*t. But most of life as we know it comes as a result of women’s unhappiness and mysterious complications, such as child birth, cell renewal during menstruation and all the wonderful female things that, as legal citizens of Mars, we’d love to experience, but can’t.

So I say ‘Yes’ to a new America that celebrates our differences with a smile and is finally allowed to chill in the name of science, for God’s sake.”


“F*cking unbelievable April Fool’s bullsh*t”, said a passerby.


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3 Responses to “Breaking: Harvard study reveals 25 ways that men are happier than women. {April Fools’ edition}”

  1. Andréa Balt says:

    Comments from ele's main Facebook page.

    F Hampton Bumgarner ~ GIVE ME SOME OF THAT!

    Ashley Patterson ~ It's because one god religion and the patriarchy represses up!! Makes you feel guilty.

    Susan Obrant ~ My husband just said, "it's because we have women. Women are stuck with us men"

    Ana Maria Sierra ~ Silly. Sad that some of it is true. Like no. 6 and no. 9.

    Shona Davidson ~ lol!

    Jacques Datus ~ Most of the problems women are facing are caused by men. Most of the time not only women strive to solve their own problems but they have to help men also solve theirs.

    Melody Lima ‎@Jennifer Hondru Celestin ~ I thought this was our study?!?!?

  2. nathan says:

    This is amazing…. i can't even say anything but that every example presented here is perfect truth. 😀

  3. jessica says:

    if we think these things are true across the board, well, this is why we will never see equality in our lifetimes. the first one was funny, but some of the realities of it are infuriating, no? like the underwear thing, we just accept that our pretty lacy, 1/4 of the fabric necessary undies should cost 3 times the price of men's? that, admit it ladies, most of us get to impress some of them. I'm pretty sure the color thing is between people who give a shit about the colors and people who don't not just men vs, women. But last and very least the atm one. Wow, if that's acceptable ladies? may as well just strap on a hat that says dunce: yes i am the lesser sex… and wear it everywhere… I get that its a little funny but far to many people accept that others really feel this way. And I call bullshit, 🙂