April 16, 2012

Breaking news: Daily Beast is Tabloid-y re Yoga Scandal!

Breaking news: John Friend has holy foursome, manages to keep his underwear on.

Thanks, Daily Beast! Breaking news! John Friend has great sex.

Breaking News via Lizzie Crocker of Daily Beast! 

Can media report controversies in yoga and other mindful communities with both let’s-all-learn-from-our-mistakes-here honesty and integrity, both? Not just one or the other: snarkiness and gossip vs. suppression and sycophantic ass-kissing? That’s my question. ~ ed.

Daily Beast/Newsweek, it seems, has paid (why else?) an (anonymous) ex-Anusaraian High Priestness real money (maybe?) for the tabloid-y/unsurprising revelation that John Friend had an erotic foursome, while apparently keeping his underwear on.

We all have sex (hopefully), good sex (with our underwear off), and if candles and spiritual intent and random “Friends” are involved, congrats to us.

Who’s up for their sex life being jfexposed next? Anyone? No one?


How long does this go on? What’s next?


The only real news I saw in the Daily Beast article?

The below statement goes against other public assurances we’ve received:

…”his publicist wrote in an email to The Daily Beast that “John has not cancelled events in June, but of course unknowns remain.”

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Read 12 comments and reply

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