Catching Thoughts: What Is your Kryptonite?

Via Celia Aurora de Blas
on Apr 12, 2012
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 What makes you uncomfortable?

I decide to call this person but not that person because it’s comfortable. I decide to frequent this place but not that place just because it feels better. I make room in my life for certain activities but not others…. My curiosity is piqued: why do I gravitate towards “comfortable” things? I think it’s avoidance of the other. Ah, and what is it that I might be avoiding? My kryptonite. The thing that floors me and makes me feel weak in the knees or the stomach queasy. I found out mine recently and I’ll venture to say it’s more common than you think.


Video References: Leah Matalon and Bert Hellinger & the Orders of Love

~ Aurora


Editor: Kate Bartolotta


About Celia Aurora de Blas

Celia Aurora de Blas is an Actress, Producer and Yoga Nidra teacher in Los Angeles. By being honest and public about her path in changing herself, she intends to help others by example. "Change is challenging, but it helps when we see others do what we're trying to do. It makes it less scary."


3 Responses to “Catching Thoughts: What Is your Kryptonite?”

  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:

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  2. jamesvincentknowles says:

    Your courage is showing . . . beautifully, and it's kinda warmish & sunset-sunshine colored; not green at all. I bow to your form, Celia.

  3. Aurora says:

    Hey, thanks, James. I appreciate you taking it in 🙂