From The Source.

Via Joshua Plant
on Apr 6, 2012
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I found a light that was rooted deeply within me. Never had I seen such a thing before, let alone was I aware of its presence within me.

I asked, “What am I to do with you?” to which I received no response; however, soon I realized that my response was the peace of silence.

The message was clear, “Take me with you and shine me on everything. The darkness will leave everything I touch: you are my torch.”




About Joshua Plant

Joshua Plant is nothing. His reality is nothingness, and because he has inhabited this space, this void, he is empowered. While wearing the hat of a meditator, entrepreneur, chef, PR guy, social media junkie, producer, yogi, quote lover, blogger & artist: he pays his bills doing PR; notwithstanding, his true calling extends far beyond the boundaries of his employment. / His blog entitled, Planting Wisdom, is dedicated to planting seeds of wisdom through enlightened writings, quotes, photos and mindfulness techniques all aimed to create a happier world. / Joshua is a foodie with an insane tongue that requires him to leap from place to place, country to country (planet to planet??) in search of new flavors and succulent nibbles! He puts his nose into everything work-wise, and just about everything else, he wants to get a sense of the notes that compose everything. One could suppose this is why he does not sleep, it is like a symphony of ideas, scents, and glitter dancing around his head twenty-four hours a day.


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