How Are You Getting to Work Today?

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Apr 5, 2012
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Leave your car behind today.

It’s National Walk to Work Day! In case you need a little extra push, here are five reasons to walk to work instead of driving:

1. Gas Prices. Our cars run on gas, which is insanely expensive, both financially and ethically.

2. Sunshine! Chances are post-winter you are a little lacking in the vitamin D department. Go for that walk.

3. Meditation in motion. Seated meditation is traditional and wonderful—definitely my favorite. But walking meditations are great too. Connect with your breath and the rhythms around you. What a great way to prepare yourself for the work day!

4.Happy heart. Anything that gets the blood flowing is good. Walking is great: no fancy equipment, start where you are and just go for it.

5. Simple action, exponential  benefits. The real benefits here kick in when other people start asking what it’s all about. If I don’t drive, someone may ask me why. Then, he or she may do something similar, and hopefully the discussion will continue.

April 6 is National Walk to Work Day, an event that takes place every year on the first Friday of April.

Will you be walking to work?


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