April 26, 2012

How I Survive Colds & Teething.

When she began teething it was like she was replaced by a demon baby.

Aurélia was no longer here.

My toddler is a pill popper. We have to watch her when serving lunch or else in the blink of an eye grandma’s thyroid medicine vanishes.

When my daughter, Aurélia, began teething, an amber teething necklace was donned. It was like my daughter was no longer here, replaced by a demon baby. Homeopathy was suggested.

I am still on the fence about the science of homeopathy. Originating in Europe in the 18th century, homeopathy is the theory that miniscule doses of something that causes the same symptoms you’re experiencing will reverse the symptoms. Countless friends of mine have had their lives changed for the better with their discovery of homeopathy so it was worth trying. Unlike steroids or antibiotics, it addresses the whole body and not just a symptom.

The idea of homeopathy being safe and leaving your body better than it was to begin with is appealing. The same virus can bring out different reactions in people, thus the idea that there is a different remedy for each reaction and person rather than a one size fits all answer.

Buying individual remedies can become expensive, I like that Hyland’s simplifies the process of selecting a homeopathic medicine by combining several active ingredients to treat the most common symptoms of an acute ailment in their homeopathic baby product line.

But are they safe for those with dairy allergies? One of the inactive ingredients in some of their remedies is lactose:

All of our tablet products contain Lactose N.F.” The ‘N.F.’ stands for “National Formulary,” indicating pharmaceutical grade lactose, which is milk sugar from cow’s milk completely purified of milk proteins. Individuals with dairy allergies—specifically, with milk protein/casein allergies—can safely take the medicine without fear of reaction. The amount of lactose per tablet is well below the trigger point for most individuals with lactose intolerance to experience symptoms.

We were off to a running start with Hyland’s homeopathic cough syrup. It tastes light and delicious (naturally sweetened with licorice root and beet) and after administering it twice my daughter’s cough completely vanished and never returned. I adjusted the dose and tried it myself and experienced relief from my cough as well. We also used their vitamin C tablets (sodium ascorbate) and cold tablets.

My favorite thing about Hyland’s tablets for babies is that they dissolve in your child’s mouth so you don’t need to do an extra step of diluting pellets in a cup of water. They also offer a drug-free teething gel for another option.

I also love that their products are made in the U.S., but it would be nice to see more eco-friendly packaging.

So does it work?!

I think the teething tablets help a little bit. It was not as noticeable an improvement as with the cough syrup. If that little bit of help is just my subconscious feeling better because I am trying to be proactive about my daughter’s discomfort, I will take it.

So what do you think of homeopathy?




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