April 3, 2012

How & Why We Should Get Teenagers Practicing Yoga.


I’d like to get a conversation going.

In response to a conversation with my friend, Ed, about whether we should be encouraging teenagers to practice yoga and integrate the principles of yoga into their daily living. Why should they practice? How should they practice? What would be good about teenagers engaging in asana? What can we do to engage youngsters in this practice?

From Ed:

We all know the benefits of practicing yoga: reduced stress; increased strength and flexibility; better posture; injury prevention and the general belief among yogis that it makes you feel great. So how come more kids don’t practice yoga? Yoga would certainly help teenagers reduce the daily stress from school and may help to improve a teen’s confidence and socialization skills. This will have a direct impact in creating a healthy lifestyle, a balanced family life and possibly improved grades as well. If teenagers see yoga performed in popular music videos or know that famous actors like Robert Downey Jr. do yoga, will they be more inclined to try it?  Please share your thoughts as to how we can get our teens to start practicing yoga.

Please, share your thoughts!


Editor: Kate Bartolotta

Image: Helen Alfvegren/Flickr 

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Read 5 comments and reply

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