i am.

Via Cameron Burgess
on Apr 22, 2012
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Photo: Mash Potato

i measure this life
by what my lips draw from it,
by how its perfume
stimulates remembrance,
by how it brushes against my throat,
tangles in my hair
and seduces me,
by how it sings to me,
the stories it tells and
the untruths i’m so desperate to believe,
by the kaleidoscope of faces
like fallen leaves
collecting at my feet

yet i am not
this insubstantial form i wear,
this rice paper lantern imagining
an ending at my skin
as a child believes this world to be
bounded by the sky

i am what lies beneath

i am the same flickering
untameable dancing that
animates us all


Editor: Lynn Hasselberger


About Cameron Burgess

Cameron Burgess has been founding, catalysing and advising sustainable ventures for more than fifteen years; he is a sustainable venture strategist, founder of @uncompromise & @connect_well, co-founder of @w1sd0m_net, a speaker, facilitator, writer, agitator and fierce angel. Currently on Australia's East Coast, Cameron is a digital nomad and moves from location to location, country to country, based upon his own personal interest and the needs of his clients. If you'd like to find out more about Cameron, visit his website here


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