If You Could—Would You Erase Someone from Your Mind?

Via Jamie Squires
on Apr 10, 2012
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NYC Bus Emergency Exit
If there were an Emergency Exit in love, would you use it? (photo: Jamie Squires)

“What if you could wish me away?

What if you spoke those words today?

I wonder if you’d miss me.

When I’m gone.

It’s come to this, release me.”

If the opportunity arose, would I erase you?

What happens to the magic we once shared?

If I erase the pain, I also erase the smiles.

If I erased you, I would erase a part of me.

If I removed all memory of you, I would forget all about thinking of you every full moon. I am not willing to give up the years of being under the same moon, no matter where we were, worldwide, we always knew the moon was the one constant. The connection.  You keep the big house. I am keeping the moon. When I see a blue moon I will be grateful for all you taught me.

Blue moon
Love comes along once in a blue moon. Who wants to forget a blue moon? (Photo Jamie Squires.)

I once shared my hopes, dreams, anecdotes and daily amusements with you. Today, I share them with sticky notes. I learned this from a group of school children in Philly. On a class trip the children were passing along their wishes to the universe by posting dreams to a wishing wall. Now I do the same. I was inspired by children and without knowing they taught me to depend on myself for acknowledgement. My sticky notes have replaced my need to share with you, they have not replaced the memory of the joy I felt in sharing. I would not erase that.

I spread the love
Instead of erasing the pain, embrace the joy. Redirect to find peace. (photo: Jamie Squires)

I would not erase you.


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About Jamie Squires

Jamie Squires originally from Mobile, Alabama and lives in Boulder, Colorado. Mother, sister, daughter, friend. Photographer. Yogi. Writer. Living with Lupus and celebrating life after cancer. Lover of the written word. She get the giggles..She is generous with her spirit and laughter. Tends to make excessively long lists. Drinks Irish beer. Hates wearing shoes. Is passionate. Jamie is covered in ink. Loves cheese. It doesn’t interest her what you do for a living, she want to know what your dreams are. You find her portfolio at JamieSquires.com and "like" her on Facebook.


7 Responses to “If You Could—Would You Erase Someone from Your Mind?”

  1. Eric says:

    Funny. I was just considering watching "Eternal Sunshine…" again (saw it ages ago), and I recently burned some old old diaries. It was a happy ceremony, to erase the tangible evidence of the pain and confusion I caused myself and others, to be at peace with the past so I can fully embrace the present and future. But there are people and moments I can't erase. Absolument.
    Thanks Jamie, I hope you're doing well..

  2. Eric, release is good. Untying binds that tie us to others in a negative way is freeing. It takes a lot for people to realize that.

  3. Dana Gorri says:

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  4. Eric says:

    Yes, I'm getting ready to move, so paring down my life–inner and outer. Sentiment has its place, but not unhealthy attachment; if it's not helping me evolve and grow, it's no longer necessary…

  5. Brian says:

    Given the choice, I would erase every memory I have of my ex-wife. In fact, if I could go back to when we first met and cause the meeting not to happen, I'd do that too. Why? Because the memory of her brings much pain to my life and I can't forget her on my own. I don't want to feel hatred towards someone I once deeply cared for. I don't want to feel resentment for the broken promises. I want to be able to feel trust and love again. I want the emotional and psychological damage to be undone.

  6. Brian, thank you for the honest response. Letting go of past hurt takes much dedication and internal growth. The ability to release and move past is in a sense erasing the hurt. once we forgive, we remove the harmful energy we hold internally. The negative emotions keep us tied on a cellular level. The emotional triggers bring up physical responses. Life is about moving through, letting go and finding our true path. Just remember love, and life for that matter, should be full of contentment and joy. Holding the negative memory only hurts you. It makes no difference to the ex. That alone makes me able to move through with peace, forgiveness and love. the knowledge that having any negativity tied to past hurt only damages me. I’m worth more than that, so are you.
    much love, Jamie