In 2012, “I will get out of my own way!” & 12 Other Transformational Manifestations.

Via Melissa Smith
on Apr 22, 2012
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Shannon Paige

It seems to be yoga festival season year-round now.

With WanderlustYoga Rocks the Butte The Texas Yoga Conference, this weekend’s Tadasana Festival and of course the infamous Yoga Journal Conferences coast to coast, there are some humble-yet-rock-star-like yoga teachers out there ready to share their years of teaching experience with the masses.

A beautiful and intimate festival this winter in Crested Butte gave me these nuggets of wisdom that have seeped into my life as affirmations for transformation. And, I’m working toward this powerful mantra from Shannon Paige:  “In 2012, I will get out of my own way!”

1. It is possible to get Stoned on Shiva and hoop dance at the same time with Steve Gold. (“Whoa it stoned me, oh it stoned me.”)

2. “We are all moving beings. Yoga is movement.” Shiva Rea

3. “What if you hugged others as if it were your beloved?” Aditi Devi

4. “Tight guys can do yoga.” Jim Campbell, OmLight Photgrapher on a mission to get really inflexible, tight guys to do yoga.
5. “You can download the Divine” by wearing sacred geometry jewelry. (I don’t really believe this but $168 later, obviously, I am willing to test it out. Can’t hurt and sure is pretty).

6. “We are all OMazing.” Beth Reese, Yoginos for Youth

7. “If you deny your pain, it will kick you in the ass. If you talk to it, it will become you within 60 seconds.” Chris Tompkins
8. In Ayurveda, ”Like increases like. Opposite heals.”  Maria Garre

9. In 2012 “I will get out of my own way!” Shannon Paige

10. “Perfection is…” Wait. I can’t remember. I better ask the 20+ year Iyengar teacher because I have to get the quote just perfect.
11. “You cannot change until you can see.” Brenda Flemming

12. “Love everyone. Serve Everyone. Remember God.” Neem Karoli Baba

13. “Yoga Rocks.” Melissa Smith

 “Perfection eludes us, but this should not lead us to reduce our efforts.” ~ B.K.S Iyengar

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  2. melissa says:

    thank you, Tanya!

  3. beth reese says:

    Dear Melissa…. These are great "snap-shots" into the incredible arts of self-awareness and healing… thank you for writing and posting… and, of course, thank you for the OHMazing shout out….