April 10, 2012

Jyotish Horoscopes for the Weeks of 4.9 to 4.23.

 Transits for April 9th-23rd 2012

“Jyotia is not just light of life, it’s the light of god. So say ‘parasmai śivajyotie svāhā’.”

-Pundit Sanjay Rath

Surya (Sun) in Pisces moves to exaltation sign Aries on 4.14. 

Chandra (Moon) waning and transiting Scorpio (debilitated 4.09 & 4.10), Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries.

Mangal (Mars) in Leo, retrograde. Goes direct (finally!) on 4.14.

Guru (Jupiter) in Aries.

Shukra (Venus) in Taurus in close degrees with Ketu.

Sani (Saturn) exalted in Libra, retrograde which creates a debilitation of Saturn.

Budha (Mercury) in Pisces, debilitated.

Rahu in Scorpio, debilitated.

Ketu in Taurus, debilitated.

We are finally moving away from multiple planets simultaneously retrograde. This should begin to make things feel more forward moving and progressive, rather than the drudgery of attending to old clean up. Expect a huge lift on the 14th when Mars (finally) goes direct. When Sun exalts on April 14th, it will be sitting with Jupiter.

Expect further momentum and progress this next month as Sun starts a new cycle around the zodiac in his most passionate, energized home of Aries. Venus and Ketu are simultaneously sitting in Taurus now where Venus is in its own sign and also in close degrees with Ketu over the next few weeks.

This will bring some startling re-organization in relationships, contracts, love, passion, artistic endeavors and even with vehicles and transportation. Sparks could fly- so proceed with caution and enjoy the awakening this transit brings! [Note: Venus is doing a very unusual transit over the next four months. Usually a one month transit, Venus will be in Taurus until July 31st with several weeks of retrograde motion. More on that over the next few weeks.] We still have a debilitated Mercury and Saturn’s crazy retrograde dance causing problems for many. Look for more insights in your weekly horoscope below. Jai Ma*


Aries: The momentum is building. Though your dreams feel a bit murky, take heart, your relative existence in for some extra support and dynamism now. Basque in your attractive glow and use this time to restructure your relationship to comfort, nurturing, support and others. Find your inner power take flight, spread your wings, and soar. You know what it takes now and you can finally make it happen. Rock it Aries. In the midst of all the excitement, don’t neglect your heart or your temple.

Taurus: This could go a few different ways, Taurus. You might find your bedroom becomes an enlightened ashram of sorts this month. Perhaps you’ll be hosting events while you fluff your pillows? Or maybe you will get the itch to go on retreat- or better yet host a retreat?! In any case, gear up for some big silence. Go full throttle on moksha. Turn on all the lights- and leave them on! You are becoming a beacon. Just remember, your shadow and its darkness is actually your other best friend.

Gemini: Here’s the formula for getting out of any “rut” dear Gemini: Take an action step. As the gains of this month pile up and you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, step back and pause. Think about how and why these achievements are taking place. Ah, yes, it is because of you, your courage to act and the action steps that led you to the right place at the right time. No harm in patting your Self on the back, now turn that in to Self-realization.

Cancer:  It feels like the higher powers that be are giving mixed messages. What’s that you say?! Perhaps it’s time to invest in a babble fish for translation. For now, you will naturally switch gears this month and turn your focus to career and your life offering. There are no mistakes on the Path dear Cancer. Now’s the time to see a sense of inner purpose in the outer. Find gains from new and old friendships, perhaps a there will be some insights and clarity now. Catch some fireflies.

Leo: You’re about to strike gold! Before you head West permanently, savor the moment! Teachers and guides are stepping forward now and offering their wisdom so sit quietly at the feet of the master and listen up. The connections you make at this time will pay for themselves. There are old, cosmic friends returning to offer their support- pay your respects. Make dance, art and beauty a part of your dharma. Enjoy the rhythms.

Virgo: Silence is bringing you home right now. Enjoy being soothed by your inner realms. This month you may surprise your Self. The map you’ve been using for navigation may turn out to be outmoded. Prepare for an upgrade and be open to reorganization. Being receptive to new knowledge and insights from different sources could turn out to be the best decision you’ve made thus far.

Libra: One of your worst habits is putting others before your self, using up all your reserves, and then leaving nothing to nourish the Self as a result. This month will be a test to this Libra. Ready to conquer this old woundology? Here’s a hint: It comes from a sense of lack. Lack of Self. Lack of deservability. Lack of trust in your Self and others abilities. Gain some insights by taking time for your Self. Become your best friend- alone. Go on retreat. Permanently.

Scorpio: Healing is coming. Healing is here. Healing is mine. Repeat. Look for the healing Scorpio. Look for healing in the mundane, in the ecstatic. Look for healing from new teachers and guides, healers and mystics. Look for healing from new friends, old friends returning into your life. Look for healing from flashes of insight and brilliant inner genius. Take off your glasses. You don’t need them now.

Sagittarius: Some of you just received a boon, expect a few more on the way. Past life credits are being showered on you this month- wear them like a garland. Moments of brilliance will be healing for you. Take small bites so you can fully digest them. Dance and creativity will offer healing- consider this a balm for the heart. Put on some music and grab the crayons. Find a new way to transcend.

Capricorn: Capricorns have a reputation of working too hard. “Me?!” You say in shock and surprise. I see this is happening in a big way right now Capricorn. You may not even realize it. Overworking doesn’t necessarily mean putting in too many hours at the 9-5. Pushing or forcing anything is not in your best interest. Have you heard of the Art of Allowing? There is a certain surrender in this process. A sense of ease. Life suddenly relaxes when you let go of the reigns. Drop the reigns and go bareback this month Capricorn. I dare you.

Aquarius: Your courage and dynamism is turning up full throttle and you’re suddenly wearing more red. You’re attracting attention, have you noticed?! Heads are turning, bees are buzzing around you and horns honk as you cross the street. Take this as a good sign. Oddly, with all this attention, it feels like your support is moving backward or even away from you. Mixed messages? Life is about timing. This is the time to clear the inner realms- home, heart, emotions. It’s a good sign that the outer is already getting attention. What you are doing is working. Kick it up a notch.

Pisces: I’m going to tell you a secret. “I create my own reality.” That’s it. That’s the entire secret. I’d like to sit you down with a cup of tea Pisces and then cut the top of your head off. I’d siphon out all the disastrous mental ooze and then close you up and watch what happens. It would be worth it just to see you smile and start to trust your rich, inner sanctuary of knowingness. In other words, as one of my writer friends graphically expressed this week via Facebook, I’d “probe your spirit and harvest your psyche.”


*Jyotish (Vedic astrology) predates Western astrology and many consider it to be more precise and accurate. My weekly updates are based on your Jyotish rising sign, but could be viewed from your Sun or Moon sign as well as your Navamsa. As always, individual birth chart and chart specific details will modify an individual’s experience. For more information about your Jyotish rising sign, contact me here.


Editor: Kate Bartolotta

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