April 23, 2012

Learning to “Go with the Flow.” {Video} ~ Tori Reynolds


The Story Behind “Go with the Flow”

When Ben asked in January if he could play music during my Monday power hour at Practice Yoga in Dayton, I never dreamed it would take me on the adventure of a lifetime, but by the end of January he had officially asked me for my hand in yoga and we were planning a two week tour.

With only five weeks before departing, we figured out how to piggy-back what he’d already scheduled for his solo music project, BJSR, with the yoga/music fusion class we had created called GO W/ THE FLOW.

GO W/ THE FLOW “practice” oversaturated the Practice Yoga community before we left, getting a huge dose of this power vinyasa class that is taught and paced to a soundtrack that Ben creates as we move throughout the sequence.

The music is consistent enough to enhance the focus and fluidity of the class, yet changes just enough to promote awareness with the mind and body at key points throughout the flow. We’ve fallen in love with delivering this class that allows people to practice something in their body that is familiar enough to be accessible but feel it in a completely different way.

February was spent spreading the word and with great luck and little marketing materials, we managed to book multiple classes in Michigan, Texas, and Tennessee. Once the photos, video, and shirts released, the whirlwind picked up and GO W/ THE FLOW became a bigger part of the tour than either of us envisioned. We were on the move for 10 days and while we taught 4 high-energy, sweaty GWTF classes, we expanded outside studios walls.

From demos at lululemon to busking on the corner of 6th and Congress in downtown Austin (yep, hooked up an 80 ft. extension cord inside a Starbucks and ran it out to the pavement) there was no limit to where GO W/ THE FLOW could happen.

From studio to sidewalk inspiration was not hard to find, but the best part was inspiration stemmed from the connections we were making. Not only were we connecting with those who signed up for a GWTF class, but the people intrigued by our story, who asked questions about our mission, and joined in spontaneous street side yoga sessions. We realized GO W/ THE FLOW was suited for all, reaching people through accessible sequencing linked to perfectly timed music.

Two of these “street side yogis” were Ande Taylor and Brooke Robinson from Austin. Both are founders of BikeBot, a cycling organization that can be summed up as “movement encouraging growth in our nation’s cycling communities through tours, social rides, concerts, social gatherings, and fundraisers.” Between doing yoga on street corners and enjoying live music at one of their wonderfully successful Bike Bashes, it did not take long to cultivate the relationship between GO W/ THE FLOW and BikeBot.

By the time we stepped foot on Ohio ground, the car yet to be unloaded, a decision had been made. We roughly sketched out how we could, and would, accompany BikeBot on their 1Love Tour this summer. Brooke and Ande had approached us about a possible collaboration before we said our bittersweet goodbyes in Texas, and it only took us 3 days and 2,000 more miles to make up our minds.

Now we are piecing together our part of the 1Love Tour, leaving May 16th for two and a half months on the road, BikeBot pedaling the full extent while we follow (or lead) with our bikes in tow, hauling our gear.

The tour begins in Vancouver and stops in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and more as we coast towards Imperial Beach. Since Ande is a dedicated, 2-year educator for Lululemon Athletica we will make many appearances in Lululemons, as well as organize social rides, Bike Bashes, GWTF community events, all while having time leftover for more intimate studio classes, live demos, and local exploration of each city.

As we get ready to venture west and share GO W/ THE FLOW every chance we get, all we can do is hope to get you breathing, moving, and experiencing it in an entirely new way.

Since the 1Love Tour 2012 is still under construction, if you are in or around any of these locations and would like to help create, participate, or see us in your city at a BikeBot & GO W/ THE FLOW event/class, please don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected].

To read more and see pictures of our past and future tour adventures, check out our blog here: www.practiceyogadayton.com/web/gwtf


Edited by Hayley Samuelson.


Tori Reynolds is the instruction half behind GO W/ THE FLOW. She earned RYT certification in 2011 and is currently pursuing 500-hour certification with Live Love Teach Yoga Teacher Training. Through the support of the communities of Live Love Teach and Practice Yoga (her hometown studio in Dayton, Ohio) her love for teaching and innovating has blossomed. She feels blessed with the current opportunities to travel, create, and fearlessly expand.  Michigan native and musical genius of GO W/ THE FLOW Ben Rivet is known for his roles as performer, producer, designer and yogi. With a reputation for collaboration and cross-promotion, it’s no surprise GO W/ THE FLOW combines these aspects. Driven by his passion to innovate, connect and share, Ben participated in Practice Yoga’s teacher-training program and will complete in April 2012.

It’s clear to Ben, Tori, their teachers and fellow yogis that GO W/ THE FLOW is its own a practice – one that will feed their growth as teachers, students, and artists.

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