April 27, 2012

One of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Henry Rollins: Young People.

There’s no better time than now to have a moral and civic backbone, to have a moral and civic true north—this is a tremendous opportunity for you to be heroic. Morally-upstanding. Helpful. Almost boy scout-like. Presidential. Altruistic.

You must never lower yourself to be a person you don’t like.

Not a trustafarian? We’ll get stronger climbing up than riding in the ski lift.

This video covers it all, for me. As a poor child, with a valiant hard-working much-loving single momma, I wish I’d seen this many years ago.

I’ve still never traveled. I never skiied, as a boy, because we couldn’t afford it and couldn’t afford an injury. But I got good grades ’cause my mom cared enough about my education to transfer me not once, not twice, but three times to schools with teachers worthy her cherished son. She taught me I was intelligent, and to expect much of myself.

So I argued with teachers when I got an A-, and more often than not, nerd that I was, I proved myself right. I went to a good school, one of the best for journalism in the US, and I worked the whole while. I got out of college and worked. Nowadays, with twitter and facebook and blogging, my intended career path—writing for a living—is almost too easy.

This is an entrepreneurial age. A whole generation, empowered by laptops—what Steve Jobs called a bicycle for the mind—is able to walk out the door and leave the cubicles behind, and leave the sitcom-watching get-fat and settle life along with it.

Monastic obsession, as Henry Rollins puts it, above. Find what you love. Follow your bliss…with an almost monastic focus.

“Something I have found to be true, and see reinforced all the time as I get older. People need only two things in their lives to be happy: love and work. The love must be true and the work must provide achievable challenge. But if you have those two things, you are a rich person indeed.” ~ Pliskie.


PS: elephant turns ten 22 in June.

> Another of my favorite videos ever, along a similar theme.

> To see Pema Chodron’s commencement speech, here. 

> Another bonus, via Henry Rollins:


Henry Rollins – Young Person Video notes:

This video is not meant to promote any particular political view. All material is cited below.

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“You’ll find in your life that sometimes your great ambitions will be momentarily stymied, thwarted, marginalized by those who were perhaps luckier; come from money; had more doors opened; where college was a given, not a student loan; it was something that dad paid for; where an ease and confidence in life was almost a birthright. Where for you, it was a very hard climb. … That happens all the time.

Just because you come from nothing, you must not let that be something that holds you back.”

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