April 24, 2012

S.O.S. A call for help to all elephant journal readers & lovers.

In short: elephant needs you now. 

If you’ve experienced problems accessing elephantjournal.com during the past couple days or if you’re having trouble sharing or viewing certain articles or categories, here’s why:

We recently switched our domain hosting company from GoDaddy (for killing elephants and going against everything that elephant journal stands for) to Gandi.net, a French hosting company. During the transfer, most of our DNS settings were lost and they had to be reset manually.

For the non-tech savvy, what this basically means is that, depending on your area of residence (and server) your access to elephant journal and your ability to share and promote articles is limited. And, since elephant is run mostly by volunteers located all over the world, so is ours.

This is where you come in:

If you enjoy reading elephant journal and if you’ve benefited from any of the articles shared on this website, please help us keep on spreading the mindful life beyond the choir and not lose our readership before the transfer is complete and the site regains full access and starts functioning properly again.

The approximate time frame for the transfer is 48 hours. But you know how it is with these pixelized virtual e-things…


If you are able to access any article (past or current), please share with your friends. Most thumbnail images for the articles can’t be previewed on Facebook, but the links are still working.

Click on the “Suggest” button—upper right on any our Facebook pages (you can find a list of the main ones at the top of this page) and share some mindful indie media with your friends.

If you can’t access the website at all—or, if all you can get to read today is this post—help us spread the word and share it on FacebookTwitter, Tumblr, and/or other social media sites.

If you’re already subscribed to elephant journal but you suddenly get redirected to the paygate after reading the free daily articles visible to everyone, know that this error is also due to the transfer and we’re working on it. Your membership won’t be affected and you’ll be able to regain free access to all our articles once the issue is solved. (Sorry!)

And, most importantly, stand by and don’t even think about leaving us or… we’ll come after you… on a bike!

“I wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realized, I am somebody.”

~ Somebody


Warmest thank you and deepest bow,

Andréa Balt ~ elephant culture ed.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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