The Case against Liberal Despair.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 1, 2012
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Activist Pathology.

Like water for a thirsty moderate: we here at elephant have been supportive and defending President Obama for three lonely years.

“the political process only works for those who stick with it through thick and thin—not those who give up on the process.”

This video is from a few months back. Since moderate-conservative Andrew Sullivan’s national-conversation-shifting article [a must read], fortunes have already changed meaningfully for our once-beleaguered, politically-vulnerable President Obama.

“The Case Against Liberal Despair: Michelle Goldberg issues a reality check to those liberal activists who now despair electoral politics, Obama and the squalid compromises of governing.”



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5 Responses to “The Case against Liberal Despair.”

  1. historical perspective aside, people abandoned obama because obama has caved on important issue after important issue and has shown that he represents the corporations rather than the people.

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