The Truthier Truth About Yoga Teachers.

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on Apr 7, 2012
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They kind of remind me of Artists. When they walk into class it’s as if they have a blank canvas with an opportunity to create something extraordinary. And I doubt they do it for the money.

Respect where respect is due.

Pictured: Noelle Beaugureau

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56 Responses to “The Truthier Truth About Yoga Teachers.”

  1. trueayurveda says:

    Hey, I gotta ask, when you go to teach or take your class, who is designing the asana flow and for whom. By the teacher right, from what they want to do, right. Isn't that a bit ego? Most teachers are unaware of any of the reasons why they would do one pose or another. Maybe they have taken 200 hr be there and you are certified teacher training. They might have learned some kind of flow to the asanas but don't understand why. But in your world all this doesn't matter. The knowledge doesn't matter, because we are all one and on the same path and all kinds of other ungrounded Techniques don't matter because we are all god. Then none of the lineage that this beautiful science has been handed down matters and in fact none of anything you say is valid as well, because it has to come from a technique somewhere. right?

    MEan while we have a new certification, paddle board yoga. I rest my case. I have repeatedly seen teacher training teacher that have not even heard of the bhagavad gita nor have they ever bothered to read anything but yoga journal. I have for 22 years been working with yoga teachers that have destroyed their bodies because of wrong or under education in yoga. I have worked with countless bikram students who have suffered severe depletion of tissues and all three doshas are extremely aggravated. in average it take minimum of a year to get someone back to a functioning and stable state of health from the horror of what bikram does to a body. I have worked with 7 people that have had kundalini experiences because they are so unhealthy and have not prepped the body and mind for it. This is really ugly, one of them had aged about 10 years in just 6 months. Now you tell me that technique does not matter, then if you do agree with me tell me who is teaching them, because i do not see any. You have wanderlust and yoga rave and all this capitalism of yoga. You see it as beautiful and whatever, i see it thru educated and experienced eye.

    I can go on and on and on with examples and knowledge backing up the ability to discern what techniques do what and why, then this also gives the understanding of how to actually do the techniques correctly. As moola bandha is not squeezing the pelvic floor like it has been taught uncounted times. The screws up the energy big time. As there is breathing there is a way to breath in order to create a desired effect. The breath and prana flow together but one must breath correctly with the prana or you will create and imbalance. As the nostrils are open simutaneously at sunrise and sun set and sushumna nadi is open then…. this is the only times to do an asana practice or the channel that is prevalent will be working while you asana away and the other channel will not. This to creates an imbalance. But to you all is okay no matter what is being taught because everything is being done in good intention and that is all everything exists off of.

    The same way as if staring at the sun will burn out your retina in western medicine, yet if in bare feet and grounded on earth it doesn't. Not to mention why you would do this at all but it is a 5000 years old, if not more, science. These are all deeper science understanding that you will not get from reading yoga journal. Or going to your vacation retreat in the Caribbean yoga retreat or your jivamukti yoga or even from Iyengar himself. Now i am not disrespecting any of them, just pointing out what true experience and knowledge gives you.

    Not once have i said my way. I am only coming from what is written and given to me in knowledge. Not my own personal bias. This is from my teachers i have been blessed with. Not a one an american yoga teacher.

  2. Is that a red lightsaber? Oh wait it’s just the dislike bar! Jks your cool Finn!

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  4. iheartmyyogi says:

    Here if Robert Sturman wants to take a picture of me in downward dog he is more than welcome – the hairy back, the pot belly, and the hairy legs that Yogi Bear (pun intended) would be proud of am sure will draw in the masses 😀

  5. Micheline Berry says:

    Bring on the vitriol if it is going to render such deep, thoughtful responses such as this Robert. Thank you for inspiring me today.