Thirty-one Republican men voted against the Violence Against Women Act—here they are.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 27, 2012
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Reason #999 the GOP poll lower than they ought with women: the GOP, policy-wise, doesn’t seem to respect women.

To wit: All 31 Republican male Senators just voted against the Violence Against Women Act.


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9 Responses to “Thirty-one Republican men voted against the Violence Against Women Act—here they are.”

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  2. River11 says:

    Well, I'm not from the US and this is the first time that I have looked at the faces of all of your senators together. The first thing that struck me is that that is the whitest bunch of faces that I have ever seen. If I knew nothing about the US, and looked at this with the assumption that they are representative of their nation, I would think that the US was populated by old white guys, and a small number of white women.
    Canada is, sadly, trying very hard to follow the example of the republicans. Our conservative MPs have put forward a motion to re-open the debate about when 'life begins' as a means of blocking a woman's right to control her own reproduction.

  3. Mark Ledbetter says:

    Not that it makes the 31 look much better! But according to wiki the 31 were against provisions that would extend protection to same sex couples and illegal immigrants. If that's true, the implications left hanging here are bordering on dishonest reporting in pursuit of a political agenda. Either that or jumping to conclusions without checking the facts.

    'Course I reserve the right to retract that observation if it turns out wiki is wrong!

  4. Tracey Seth says:

    Gee, no worries about delving a little deeper into WHY 31 Republican MEN voted against it, who in the past HAVE supported the provisions in it, might have voted against it this time.

    The reason was because Senate Democrats saw fit to add provisions into the Act that had little to do with violence against women. These provisions had lots to do with immigration, Indian tribal sovereignty on reservations, and LGBT rights. Which exactly, you ought to investigate for yourself and THEN criticize Republicans for the opposition if you still see fit, but to take at face value, the fact that they only voted against it, without investigating why, is simply an exercise in willful ignorance and innate need to have your facts spoon fed to you like good little sheeple.

    Stop allowing the left to do your thinking for you.

    And, I say that as a woman who has six daughters and survived domestic abuse herself.

  5. mrslinkous says:

    Right, they don't hate all women, just gay ones and brown ones and those that don't know their place.

  6. Barb Njos says:

    That was their excuse but aren't ALL women deserving of protection?

  7. Barb Njos says:

    Tracey, keep drinking the kool-aid. I'll repeat, ALL women deserve protection.

  8. […] Good news: The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization passed through the Senate on Tuesday afternoon, by a vote of 78 to 22. And the 22 is an improvement over last year’s vote. […]