April 10, 2012

Yoga & Food Don’t Mix.


Photo Credit: Flickr The Commons / Algarve Yoga

Eight words that belong in the kitchen and not on the yoga mat:

1. Juicy:

Unless it’s describing some sort of succulent food bursting with flavorful juices (dare I say, a hamburger?), juicy has no place anywhere near the yoga mat.

2. Marinate:

This word should only be used to describe food being steeped in a marinade. Unless you douse yourself with a nice thai peanut sauce before yoga class, marinating should be left for the fish.

3. Delicious:

Delicious is usually used to describe something that is delightful to smell or taste. Unless you smell or taste like fresh baked cookies, delicious should be left to describe tasty baked goods and golden delicious apples.

4. Squeeze:

To put it simply,  squeezing should be left to juicers.

5. Ooze:

Aside from the fact that word just oozes grossness, oozing should only describe food that is overflowing with flavor. Poses that ooze with goodness sound like they should be left for the bedroom.

6. Yummy:

Unless you are a child describing your rainbow-sprinkled covered ice cream cone, yummy has no place coming out of a grown-up’s mouth when describing how a yoga pose feels.

7. Fluff:

Fluff is a marshmallow creme that belongs on fluffernutter sandwiches. It belongs far, far away from a yoga teachers vocabulary.

8. Relish:

Relish is something you add to a hot dog, not what you would say to describe your experience in a pose.


Editor Tanya L. Markul

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