10 Ways to Tell if Yoga Is Present in Your Home.

Via Sinda Anzovino
on May 30, 2012
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Yoga in home
Yoga in Home

Yoga is present in my home.

I’m not sure when it started, but over time, I have accrued articles and stereotypes that have made my home a “yogic” home.

Have you?

Maybe you’ve found your self saying it’s just exercise. Perhaps you have convinced yourself you are not spiritual or that yoga is just something you do at the gym.

How do we know when practicing yoga in a class starts to translate to yoga being present in our home?

Here are 10 ways to tell if we have begun to build the bridge from class to home with our yoga:

  1. You have adapted chakra color therapy into your interior design efforts. My walls are now yellow and when I’m tucked in my abode I shine positive energy from the inside out.
  2. Candles, altar, incense or Hindu or Buddhism deities have found their way onto your shelves. I have an entire shelving unit. Filled. ‘Nough said.
  3. You have one specific wall with marks from kicking up. I have a wall with a removable painting I rest on my bed when I kick up and replace once I’ve finished my practice.
  4. At some point in your day you find yourself telling others, “shhh, I’m trying to meditate.” I have three other individuals in my home I find myself saying this too. I know I’m in trouble when I start telling it to our snow leopard gecko (Xander).
  5. You find yourself watching T.V. on the floor in lotus position more and more.
  6. You have a copy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, the Bhagavad Gita and/or the Kama Sutra on a bookshelf.
  7. If you look hard enough there is a Sanskrit symbol for “Om” somewhere. I have all of the above, like I said somehow it just accrued!
  8. Your yoga mat doubles as a body pillow. At this point I have yoga mats stored everywhere, so good thing they have multiple uses!
  9. You have created an iTunes playlist of kirtan on your home computer.
  10. Your go-to line in an argument with your significant other has become: “you are stealing my peace!” I think I say this multiple times each week. I’m confident eventually he’ll get my “yoga speak.”

So, I confess yoga is present in my home.

If any one of these struck a note with you, be assured you are on track to connecting with your practice at a much higher level. If you are unable to identify with one of these then now is the time to pick one and make it happen.


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About Sinda Anzovino

Sinda Anzovino, E-RYT, CATYMT, former owner and teacher trainer of Yoga Journey RYS, currently teaches for New York Sports Club, Equinox, Destination Maternity, White Plains Hospital and her sometimes 'A'-List' private clientele. She lives with her 2 children in Westchester, NY. Sinda has a fun and light hearted approach to her teaching that embraces all who study with her! Connect with her on www.Facebook.com/yogabysinda, www.Twitter.com/yogabysinda, and www.YouTube.com/yogabysinda, and check out her website here at www.yogabysinda.com.


15 Responses to “10 Ways to Tell if Yoga Is Present in Your Home.”

  1. Jessica says:

    I have a dedicated “kick up” wall that now my two year old want to kick up on.

  2. tyler sid says:

    I like how you say you are stealing my peace…I may have to co opt that line…lol

  3. Sinda says:

    it's definitely one of my fav's!

  4. Nelson says:

    I'll go with No.2, 5, and 10. And I'm a little more blunt when I speak of him "tacking my peace" But essentially its what I mean to say 😛

  5. Andrew says:

    Okay Sinda, What can you do for a former art teacher who has two hip replacements, repaired torn achilles tendon, broken back in in Lumbar area, stiff as a board but otherwise in good shape? AC

  6. Sinda says:

    I love it!

  7. Sinda says:

    Hi Andrew!
    You can still have a lovely practice! A focus for you should be remaining cautious by your injuries and issues but working to strengthen the areas around them. Floor work, wall work, chair work, breath and meditation or rather a combination of all would probably work quite well for you. I work with a student privately who is older, has severe scoliosis, hiatal hernia, poor circulation, vascular issues, recovering broken rib, massive gastrointestinal issues and limited mobility. I love seeing her get stronger and stronger each week. The key is to find a great teacher you connect with and trust and work together to establish a safe and daily practice! Remember that even if your body were in it's peak condition, you would still have down days and life injuries along the way. The idea is that your practice is a part of you each day. Finding your inner harmony with your practice is part of the journey! Namaste!

  8. Amelia says:

    Sindaa!!! Love it!!! Especially that thing about stealing your peace…It's so true for me…!! Though I say it in Spanish "Estás perturbando mi paz…." hahhahaha!!!

  9. Sinda says:

    LOL- that may very well be even better, xo!

  10. Melissa says:

    Working upward from incense! Great article..

  11. Sinda says:

    it's a terrific start! xo

  12. Robyn says:

    Love your top 10. Proudly just completed 7 days TV-free in my home-my chakras are pleased.

  13. Sinda says:

    That's great! xo

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