May 24, 2012

Breathe Deep—In Rochester New York!

When I say “Buddah,” you say “Bowl!”
When I say “Buddah,” you say “Bowl!”

My favorite restaurant in America may be a yoga studio in Pittsford, N.Y.—Breathe Yoga! The Buddah Bowl is a perfect meal, nutritionally balanced with flavor that will balance your chakras and light your day up. But really that is just the start. Whether you are getting their Acai Bowl with Banana or The Lean and Green fresh juice or the Crispy Rice Balls (I could live on these!!!) or their house made Energy Bar with Goji Berries to an amazingly Dark Chocolate Brownie or the Coconut Topped Blondie—you will indulge your senses with love. Wait love? For real?

Everything at Breathe Yoga is infused with love.

It is a Baptiste Affiliate yoga studio and you are going to sweat as you flow. Did I say Studio? There are now 3 studios, each one uniquely beautiful! The ladies at Breathe are up to something big!!! It is amazing how much Breathe has grown in the last year, then again they are literally nourishing their community with food, yoga, acupuncture, massage, nutrition and skin care. If you like to shop you are in for a treat, this is the nicest yoga retail store I have ever seen. From the typical clothes to gorgeous dresses for that day/night on the town. This is the place to shop until you drop, into Chaturanga!

What is really going right? Community!!!

I met warm friendly people from the staff to the members of the community basking in the glow of the last week of their 40-Day Challenge. Community is magical, it makes this gigantic world feel like everything is possible. In the 24 hours (okay only 14 of them at Breathe), I could actually feel the energy in the air, the energy that is created when people are passionate about where they live and play. Check out the video we shot last summer (more on their YouTube Channel), it will give you a taste of what is happening at Breathe!

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Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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