Factory Farming is Dying, Fast.

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 8, 2012
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“Safeway to drop pork from pregnant pigs raised in crates.”

Let factory farming be a part of human history that we soon look back upon and shake and bow our heads, and thank good Mercy that we finally woke up from our blind evil.

Free the piggies! “Safeway Says It Is Moving Toward Crate-Free Pork Suppliers.”

Safeway is the second-biggest grocery chain in the US—big enough that their move may turn the entire industry.

Just a week after Burger King’s announcement re changes re pigs and hens (scheduled for 2017).

Just a few months after the (Willie Nelson sings Coldplay) Chipotle ad played during the Super Bowl, was seen by millions, and went viral online.


And just a year or so after Chipotle showed it could offer quality, humane food and make good money doing so in a fast food environment.

I like where this all is trending.



Safeway’s announcement is a pretty big deal in the industry, because everyone wants to sell them pigs.

“Most pork producers either sell to Safeway or want to sell to Safeway. That’s how big Safeway is as a grocery chain…by letting the industry know that this is its goal, (Safeway) is helping move the industry in the right direction,” said Paul Shapiro, spokesperson for Humane Society of the United States.

On the other side, the National Pork Producers Council is a bit worried…

“It seems that Safeway was intimidated by an animal rights group whose ultimate goal is the elimination of food-animal production,” the council’s President R.C. Hunt said in a statement.


“While vegans and meat-eaters disagree, we can all be united in our fear and hatred for the horror that is factory farming.” ~ Joel Salatin.


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7 Responses to “Factory Farming is Dying, Fast.”

  1. Mr. Science says:

    Well, I don’t know about dying fast. . . But this is a step in the right direction.
    Still seems like factory vegetable and grain farming has a pretty big foothold. (We really need to end corn subsidies.)
    But, even if people can use a percentage of their food budget to buy real food( many just can’t afford it all the time)things will continue to change.
    It makes much more sense than squawking at one another about what to eat. How it is produced is fart more important. Try to get the world to stop eating meat and you will die not having realized your goal.

  2. Just posted to "Featured Today" on the elephant enlightened society homepage.

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  3. amber says:

    this chipotle video was aired during the grammy's, not the superbowl.

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  5. @yogiprajna says:

    there are not enough resources for us to eat the amount of animal protein we do (as a culture/society/species) without industrial farming and factory farms. vast amounts of grain are used just to feed the animals we eat, which is why there are subsidies for corn, soy, etc; if we want to end factory farms we need to give up our addiction to meat, eggs and dairy. or to having babies.

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