May 19, 2012

Faith in Humanity, Restored. {Graphic Photos, Happy Ending}

Here’s the explanatory text, in order:

I really don’t know the back story to this but to put it in short, my Aunty has a bulgarian friend and adopted this dog after finding it at a local dump.

I’ll let the images tell the story

This is how this poor dog was found

They took it home and tried to keep it warm with this jacket and the dog kindly accepted it, it was suprisingly friendly

They had to be very careful how much they fed it at first

Starting to get up and move after a few days of sleeping in warmth and having food and water

Allowed to go outside at night time because it’s grown some fur and can keep a lot warmer

First time hanging out with dogs that he isn’t having to fight for food with

A lot healthier now!

Look at me now 😀

Happiest dog in the world!

Via Reddit via GPForums. Click that link for descriptive text of what happened—right now so many people are viewing the photos there, the site is down.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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