He Will Find Freedom. Will You? Come on into the 6 p.m. Yoga Class for Lifers.

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on May 16, 2012
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Bilal is a 3 striker serving a life sentence for crimes that were non-violent. He had a drug problem.
Life’s a long time.

“And when I go there

I go there with you

It’s all I can do.”

U2 ~ The Streets Have No Name


Read Sturman’s quintessential article regarding his work within the prison system.

Learn more about getting involved with the prison yoga project.

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4 Responses to “He Will Find Freedom. Will You? Come on into the 6 p.m. Yoga Class for Lifers.”

  1. JanaBanana says:

    The work these men are doing and the impact it has on their own souls, the souls of those around them and for the collective consciousness is so inspiring. Bless them for opening their hearts to it and bless the people who had the foresight to bring it into the prison system.

  2. Maureen Engels says:

    Projects like this are so worthwhile and should be extended to all prisons everywhere.

  3. Carmella Rice says:

    I find these three strikes laws to be illogical and harmful to society. The U.S. has by FAR the greatest percentage of its population incarcerated.

    The United States has less than 5 percent of the world's population. But it has almost a quarter of the world's prisoners. According to numbers from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. In a report released Sunday, Prisoners in 2004, the Justice Department number-crunchers found that people sentenced for drug crimes accounted for 21% of state prisoners and 55% of all federal prisoners.

    This is not making our country more safe. I these three strikes laws and the harsh penalties for drug related crimes to be counterproductive to a healthy society. We spend far too money on prisons and not enough on prevention and treatment for those with drug problems. Incarcerating men and women for long periods of time, on drug charges–often minor ones, tear families apart and create more social ills rather than curing them. It's time to do away with mandatory sentencing for drug related crimes.

  4. […] study, the poetry of asana. It started growing from being able to photograph people on the beach to being invited to a penitentiary with yoga programsto do yoga asana imagery […]