May 23, 2012

Jyotish Horoscopes and Transit Report for 5.21—6.03.

Transits for May 21st– June 3rd  2012

“…you have only to take one step toward God and She will come all the way across the universe to you.” -David Life via Origin Magazine.

Surya (Sun) in Taurus, moving through Krittika and into Rohini nakshatra on 5.24.

Chandra (Moon) now waxing (bright half). Passing through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and into Scorpio. Moon exalted in Taurus 5.21 & 22. Moon debilitated in Scorpio 6.3 & 6.4. Lunar eclipse 6.4. [Look for daily moon nakshatra updates via my FB page.]

Mangal (Mars) in Leo in Purvaphalguni nakshatra.

Guru (Jupiter) in Taurus in Krittika nakshatra.

Shukra (Venus) in its own sign of Taurus, retrograde. Passing through Mrgasira and back to Rohini nakshatra on 6.3.

Sani (Saturn) retrograde, in Virgo, sitting in Chitra nakshatra.

Budha (Mercury) in Taurus, moving through Krittika, Rohini  (on 5.26) and Mrgasira (on 6.1) nakshatras.

Rahu in Scorpio, debilitated. Sitting in Anuradha nakshatra.

Ketu in Taurus, debilitated. Sitting in Rohini Nakshatra.

Six planets are sitting in Taurus May 21st and 22nd. This marks a powerful few weeks where five planets will be sitting in Taurus all at the same time. Sunday the 20th through Tuesday the 22nd when moon transits Taurus, its exaltation sign, there will be six planets in Taurus simultaneously.

All of this focus on Taurus brings our attention to the material plane of existence—Taurus after all is an Earth sign. It represents the second house, a house that seeks out comfort, wealth, and relates to speech, is ruled by Venus, and relates to extended family and early childhood.

Venus represents desires. It also connects to women, passion, art, beauty, commerce, creativity, manifestation, vehicles, and clothing, among other expressions of material comfort. There is an intense focus on bringing our manifestations into reality right now. Plant the seeds you need for growth right now, then let go. The intention is enough. Trust the process to unfold naturally.

Though Venus is currently sitting in Taurus, Ketu is with it there too (and its debilitated) and it is also now retrograde which changes the expression of this experience dramatically. Retrograde Venus can kick up our love, relationship and romance issues, can create new or unusual love, or could bring something to you from the past that was lost.

Venus is at home in Taurus and feels comfortable expressing love, wealth and abundance on the material plane of existence. Ketu on the other hand, is all Moksha! (No one ever said that was comfortable!).  Ketu is also considered debilitated in Taurus. You may feel some issues come up right now with harmonizing your inner and outer experiences and desires.

You may want relationships, money…but may be afraid of it all at the same time. Are all the old fears coming up? Is it too good to last? Is this worth my effort and energy? This is Ketu having his way with you and reminding you to look beyond the surface. He snips the ties that bind us to the material world- so for the next few months (until July 31st) we will all, in our own way, experience some fumbling, some movement, some reorganization and some new, forward expansion in the area of romance, passion, love, money, material abundance and comforts. None of us will be the same come August!

Additionally, Venus is sitting in Mrgasira nakshatra—a nakshatra that is connected to new beginnings, marriage, making new partnerships, travels, spiritual endeavors, gardening and housewarming. It can be unsteady at times—the symbol is a deer head and the story connected to this nakshatra is one of fickle, tangled love and desire.

The deity that rules over Mrgasira, however, is Soma (divine nectar), and the ruling planet is mars- both of which bring to mind pure, passionate love. Look for growth and power through relationships, partnerships and co-creating. On June 4th, Venus transits back into Rohini nakshatra.

Ketu is sitting in Rohini nakshatra right now. [Sun moves to Rohini on 5.24, Mercury on 5.26, Venus on 6.3, so Rohini will be playing a big role in our lives for a while.] Rohini is ruled by Brahma, the creator, also known as Prajapati, the lord of progeny. This is a creative and artistic star and since the wife of Brahma, goddess Saraswati, is the embodiment of art, knowledge and wisdom, creative expression is exemplified here. There is strong passion in this nakshatra, especially sexually. This nakshatra reminds us to pay attention to the spiritual, the source of all creativity, and to not become lost in material gain. This is a good time to put focus on that which you are creating in your life. What are your true desires and manifestations that you wish to birth into reality?

Rahu is in Anuradha nakshatra—the friendly star. The residing deity here is Mitra, a form of the Sun and relating to friendships, partnerships and alliances as well as the light of day time. Mitra is helpful and supportive, like a trustworthy friend and helps us to build cooperation, lead and organize, in order to attain a common goal.

Mars is sitting in Leo in the nakshatra of PurvaPhalguni—a nakshatra connected to Bhaga, an Aditya known for giving wealth and happiness. He also presides over love, affection between the sexes and marriage. There is a sense of joy and love of life here as well as creative expression, music and dance. An understanding of the creative process. Mars here will bring up cravings and evaluations of marriage and the pleasures of such agreements. There will be a drive to create, unify and inspire. Look for the passion.

Saturn is also creating an interesting dynamic for all of us. It moves back into Virgo on the 16th—until mid July when it returns to Libra for the next two years. In the midst of all of these other planetary changes, we have Saturn, the often grueling planet of enlightenment, moving as well! This retrograde motion, and its movement back a sign, will bring up unattended business from the past. Look for things that didn’t get said, healing that didn’t take place, and things that you wished you’d put more emphasis on, all coming back to you.

Saturn is currently sitting in Chitra nakshatra whose deity is Visvakarma, the divine architect. Vishvakarma is known for his construction—construction of ornaments, art, chariots—and is called upon by those whose skill requires his assistance. He is concerned with planning, figuring out what and how to build. Literally the entire zodiac was build by Vishvakarma. Look for insights, new skills and building of things through business, healing, and creativity at this time. Since Saturn is retrograde, look for some clean up from the past, some insights returning or making things more solid than they were before. Solidify, clarify, create. Learn and expand.

Currently Mercury, Sun and Jupiter are all in Krittika nakshatra. This nakshatra is ruled by agni, the sacred fire of purification. Agni rules over digestion—digestion of food, our environment, our emotions and brings us insight. There is a correlation to the third eye and higher knowledge. When our Ajna chakra is open and clear, our offerings and prayers are heard by the gods. This can be a time of sharpness, clear perception and insight. Use this time to purify negative thoughts, old behaviors that are keeping you from experiencing abundance and expect direct speech. Also be direct with your desires. Use this time to make your intentions known to the Gods.

 Additionally, there is a lot of energy and attention on the sign of Scorpio right now (the 8th house) through planetary aspects. Scorpio (and Rahu which is sitting there currently in debilitation) is being aspected by Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Ketu and Venus from the sign of Taurus, as well as Mars and Saturn from Leo and Virgo respectively. Scorpio and the 8th house are all about transcendence and creating awareness from the darkness, the hidden aspects of life and consciousness.

This is truly a time of ripping off the veils, the bandages, the ego, the mundane, the old, the wounded, the suffering. If ever there was a time to reincarnate your self, rise like a phoenix or just get shit done, this is the time! Use this time wisely. On June 3rd, the moon will be crossing over Rahu and moving through Scorpio. This will put all nine planets in connection with Scorpio. The 3rd, as well as the days on either side could be intense for the mind and emotions. Be gentle with your Self.

As you read over the planets, their placements, the current nakshatras, do you notice any symbolism, any themes? It is an amazing time of restructuring and reorganization. Contracts are crumbling and new ones are being created. Relationships are coming together, others are being shredded.

Passion is at an all time high. Desires are strong, Creativity is being ignited. Clarity is being offered—if we take the time to remove the veils. Energy is high—remember to take time for silence in the heat of it all. Find time for listening, being still. Greater insight and power will come from that stillness. Acknowledge the unknown and let it be a source of strength rather than anxiety and confusion.

Aries: It’s a powerful time for you, for gaining comfort, for using your voice. Become a lion. Roar. Let it all hang out. Ask for what you want and notice the results. Find the spiritual in the material. Find the material in the spiritual. It’s all the same. Right?! Rock it, Aries. In the midst of all this excitement tend to your heart and your temple. Make your wish list and trust that you can have it all. Right now your cravings for navigating the unknown are at an all time high. How do you surf these realms? Is it through anxiety, self-doubt, stress? Or grace, ease and the art of allowing?

Taurus: Taurus, you are our patron saint right now. Five planets are sitting in your first house of Self. I want to observe you, take notes and do a mini-documentary (or mockumentary) on you. Do you mind?! It’s up to you to create your ideal life. On all levels. Think big. Then let your dreams get even bigger. You are the master of your own destiny—no one else. Trust your Self more than ever. More than anyone else. Relationships and your heart are a huge part of your work right now. How do you relate? Are you failing or gaining insight? Work backwards. Start with the self and move out to the external relationships from there.  May 21st and 22nd are moon days for you.

Gemini: Your dreams may start intensifying. You may break into a cold sweat. You may be awake but dreaming. You may be dreaming but be awake. It’s life in the liminal reality. Used to it yet?! You are entering a powerful inner time period. A time of more moksha. But don’t expect anyone else to notice. Listen to the Self. Listen to your dreams. Listen to your desires. Listen to your heart. Listen. Listen. Listen. Stop and smell the roses. You are craving healing. Who are your biggest enemies? Turn them into your friends, or at least learn what not to be. Find gratitude in your heart for life’s lessons. May 23rd and 24th are moon days for you.

Cancer: Luck, gain, growth and prosperity seem to be on the rise for you and there’s enough wisdom gift wrapped with it so as to drive it home properly. This is the good stuff. Your passion for life just kicked up several notches—or at least passion in general may be at an all time high. You may vacillate between confusion and wild enthusiasm. A child-like zeal could over-take you. Why are you so giddy? Let it wash over you and own it. Eat it for breakfast. No one will notice that you are drunk on life. Really. Wear it like a badge and spread it like a virus. Sneeze on people. Shake their hands. In other words, don’t worry, be happy. May 25th and 26th are moon days for you.

Leo: Here, let me toss out a few seemingly unrelated words and tell me what thoughts come to mind: career, dharma, power and profession, father.  Heart, land, mother, vehicles, emotions. Vulnerability is the new strong. Power is all a façade—a real façade or a fake one. Be a real fake. Trusting the self is part of your walk right now. But trusting the process of life may be the hardest part. Put on your cape and rip off your suit. Pull a Hanuman maneuver and show us your heart. May 28th and 29th are moon days for you.

Virgo: You are entering a time of great spiritual insight, blessings of knowledge and dharma. The grace of the guru is with you. You are sitting at the feet of the Master. Are you listening? There are some comforts in this. But there may be some discomfort as you grow and expand. Growing pains. Your tendency is to perfect and need perfection for happiness Virgo. Why not try something new? See the perfection in the imperfect and watch the shift. This will take effort, everything does. Get courage tattooed on your knuckles. May 30th and 31st are moon days for you.

Libra: Your new word is transformation. I could leave it there, but let me give you a little more. The next few weeks you will have five planets in your eighth house—a hidden house, a house of great silence, transformation and depth. It is also a house that brings endings. Endings bring beginnings. Turn the endings into something new. Start your manifestation list and carve out your new reality. There is some healing to be had here. Look for it. Allow it. Be it. Surrender to your ultimate transformation. Shred the old self. At the same time, there is much work happening for you around wealth, sustenance and finding true comfort in life. Rip off the bandages and look at your wounds. May 1st and 2nd are moon days for you.

Scorpio: I could almost talk to you like a Taurus or a Leo right now Scorpio—some of the same rules apply. You are in overdrive and need an energetic holographic twin. Stat. You are heading smack dab into a place of uber maximization on all levels. Think big. Act bold. Run with the other runners. Plant the seeds now in order for a rich cash crop harvest later in the season. Relationships of all kinds are creating and materializing themselves right now in front of your eyes in broad daylight. Co-create, seek community, find partners, attract your soul mate. Romance is in the air, as well as all the essential ingredients for longstanding desires to be fulfilled. Are you ready? May 3rd and 4th are moon days for you.

Sagittarius: It’s time to heal Sagittarius. Heal every cell of your body. Healing on the mental, the physical, the heart level, energetic and spiritual—even the material. You are in the midst of a Full Soul Healing. If it’s not working, get rid of it. If it’s broken, fix it. If it’s sucking your energy, drop-kick it. If you need more of it, get it. Whatever the void, the absence, the lack, get to the bottom of it and make an alchemical change for the better. There is intense power in your 6th house of healing, enemies and bad habits, as well as your 12th house of liberation, endings and ashrams. Additionally, there’s focus on your 10th of career. Feeling it in your gut?! There may be some discomfort coming, but it will be well worth it. Go on a retreat. Permanently.

Capricorn: Did someone say passion?! Lordy, you have five planets sitting in your 5th  house of passion, romance, children, past life credit and Intelligence and Mars stoking the fire. Fan the flames of the heart and use a little discretion. (Is that even possible?!) Perhaps I will wrap you in caution tape. Force you to wear a straight jacket. Or at least tell you to use some protection. Strip the lessons down to the nuts and bolts. There can be gains and a new sense of confidence at this time. Look for good advice. Make your passions work for you now rather than pretending that they are only a weekend habit. What do you expect from life in order to be fulfilled? Don’t play small. Put on a headdress and move to Vegas.

Aquarius: Mother, the Earth, the heart, the soil and things that come from it, cars and vehicles, moksha and finding comfort with these items are all on your radar. There’s a huge amount of power and focus on your fourth house of heart and emotions right now. Can you feel it? Your craving to connect to others and find comfort could be overwhelming. Use this time for awareness and transformation. Tend to your heart. Tend to your mother—the mother within and all those who represent her. Find your emotions. They are the source and bring many answers. Notice how you respond to others. What the emotions are, how they serve you- or don’t. Where do these feelings come from? What is their source?

Pisces: Be alert. Look sharp. Your inner tiger is overcoming you. Have you ever thought about wearing a tail?! Courage and Self-power are on the rise, coupled with creativity, divine inspiration and dharmic insight. Use this time to cultivate your life intentions. Relationships may be difficult, yet illuminating. Digest, integrate and transform these insights. Use the spiritual to make sense of the transitions you are involved with. You will be rewarded. What clean-up needs to take place in order to create the relationships you most desire—including the one with your self? Are you really ready for something different? If so, you’ll need to act different in order for different results. This will take effort on your part. Remember to growl.

*Jyotish (Vedic astrology) predates Western astrology and many consider it to be more precise and accurate. My weekly updates are based on your Jyotish rising sign, but could be viewed from your Sun or Moon sign as well as your Navamsa. As always, individual birth chart and chart specific details will modify an individual’s experience. For more information about your Jyotish rising sign, contact me here.


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