May 27, 2012

Living In the Space of Wealth Consciousness. ~ Sarvasmarana Nithya

“Whenever you create, you become God.” ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

When the mere utterance of the words wealth, money, prosperity or abundance are brought up, all sorts of things can come up for us.

For some of us it may be positive, and for others it may be negative. Through conditioning or accumulated Samskaras (Engrams or memory traces), guilt may be an unconscious trigger around our feelings about wealth. There have been many misconceptions about wealth, like the idea that having money is a sin when in all actuality the real sin is the guilt around having an abundance of money.

Guilt can be an impediment to our spiritual growth.

Guilt has absolutely no value; it is simply evaluating our past actions and decisions with our present-day intelligence. We might be feeling guilty for either having wealth, or guilty for not having it. Either way, we lose.

If Source is pure intelligence, and we are a reflection of source, we are therefore one and the same; there is no difference. We are continuously creating, whether it is consciously or unconsciously.

Our wealth can be equated to the life energy we are expressing. The more life energy we have, the more we create wealth. If wealth is not manifesting through us, we may have the wrong understanding about life, and therefore our actions will not be focused enough to bring wealth into our lives.

Wealth is an extension of all of us. Either we are accumulating wealth, or attracting poverty. How we feel about our lives will generate wealth, or will not generate wealth. If we are not accumulating wealth, then we have the wrong mental setup. Our main current thought trend will attract itself into our lives.

This main thought trend becomes a magnet to the Universe. We are the creators of our lives, and it is up to us whether we want to live in poverty consciousness or wealth consciousness.

So many times it is easy for us to blame others, society, conditioning, whatever, but the truth of the matter is when we adopt this false mental setup, we are only limiting our own infinite possibilities. When we place blame on others, it’s an easy excuse not to take responsibility for our own lives and all its associated outcomes. We are not only cheating ourselves, we are cheating others: the world is waiting for our creative energies to be expressed!


Life is about expansion, not contraction. If we are not continuously expanding, then we are literally dying. Human beings were designed to constantly create and expand.

Wealth consciousness is the space where we feel abundance. Wealth is pure consciousness. When we work on our inner wealth, our outer wealth becomes its natural byproduct. Meditation is one vehicle to establish inner wealth. It’s a direct link to the Cosmos. Meditation cleanses our inner space of all the negative thought trends we carry.

There is no such thing as luck. We need to stop wasting our lives waiting for something to happen. Winning the lottery is rare; our chances of getting hit by a train are much more likely! So let’s take charge of our own lives, our inner space, and we will all see that we are actually creating our own so-called “luck.”

Existence is continuously responding to all our words, thoughts and actions. We should examine our thoughts about money and see if these thoughts are contradicting, complicating or causing extreme conflict in our lives, and then we will be able to align our thoughts with our actions, and witness abundance and wealth unfolding all around us!

Real wealth is the ability to achieve what we want in both our inner and outer worlds. When we emphasize our focus on the inner world, we start reaping the benefits in the outer world, and automatically wealth starts expressing itself through us. Laxmi (the Hindu goddess of wealth prosperity and fortune, as picture in the beginning of this article) will start showering wealth upon us all. Lila is Sanskrit for the science of manifestation, or more poetically, Divine play. Wealth is like a current, and only when it is flowing can be begin manifesting in our lives.

If source or Hiranyagarbha (also known as the Cosmic Womb) is pure intelligence, and we are a representation of all that exists, then we can manifest any idea; that idea will become a reality in the outer world.

The benefits of awakening the Kundalini Shakti (creative force or energy) is that whatever thought, word or deed is present while having a Kundalini experience will manifest.

Kriyas (actions, deeds) are techniques which purify our entire system by removing Engrams (memory traces, as described earlier), and creating tremendous energy in us in order to be utilized to the greatest possible sense in the world: we become co-creators with all of existence, and imbibe the ultimate wealth consciousness into the world.

 In the end, creating wealth is true and pure spirituality!


 Sarvasmarana Nithya is spiritual sadhaka and enlightenment junkie sharing and expressing the Divine that lives within. She has been living in India back forth for the past few years living and studying with her guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda who is a rare living incarnation from South India. When Sarvasmarana is not teaching yoga, meditation, Kriyas (specific yogic techniques to achieve healing or enlightenment) or offering intuitive advice she is either levitating (Yes levitating!) or volunteering at the Nithyananda Vedic Temple in Los Angeles. Sarvasmarana also writes for other yogic publications and is the author of the upcoming book “From Inner Sleeping to Inner Awakening”. She believes that when one transforms oneself, we are transforming the entire Cosmos.

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