May 2, 2012

Meditate Your Way to Happiness. ~ Navodita Pande

Meditation can be called a kind of silent introspection. It is also a perfect way to end a yoga workout.

If your morning routine is that you do quick poses, dynamic yoga asanas (poses) and follow a hectic yoga schedule, it’s time you add meditation to the list. Meditative techniques work to build your inner strength, focus on your faculties to work towards your goals relentlessly and with resolve.

Concentration techniques help you to focus on your aim in life which is to pull yourself out of the negative state. You have to have the right frame of mind to get into the meditative posture and sit in a simple cross-legged pose to be able to do a meditation and let negative thoughts find a way out and let positive thoughts walk in so that illness and disease can be gotten rid of.

Even a power yoga class packed with tough poses and physically stimulating bends and flexes can sometimes not activate your endorphins; even though it sends an adrenalin rush. It is in such situations that meditation works like an alchemy, energizing you from within. Let’s begin with a few such meditative techniques:

Sakshi Dhyan (Watchful Meditation)

This meditative technique is unique in that here the practitioner is only expected to sit with eyes closed, breathe normally with hands rested firmly on the knees, palms facing upwards.

Breathe normally. Allow thoughts to come in and watch all sorts of ideas walk through your mind. Let the thoughts come and go. The idea is to not let anything bottle up but flow out without causing anguish and a block. All you have to do is focus on your breath and your normal breathing pattern. Be a mindful observer.

Sit in this posture for 15 minutes. Rub your palms, prese the base of your palms gently against your eyes and open your eyes.

Sanmukhi Mudra (Six-headed Posture)

This is a form of yoga posture that brings peace, tranquility and poise to the body and mind. Close your eyes. Place your index finger just below the eyebrow without pushing the eyeball. Place your middle finger gently pushing down the eyelashes. Place your ring finger on your nostril while the little finger is gently touching your upper lip. Plug your ears with your thumbs. Ensure that your fingers aregently touching the surface of your skin.

Breathe softly, gently, slowly and deep. Perform the Bhramri Pranayama in this. While exhaling take out a hissing sound. Gently relax and release your fingers. Lie down in Sava Asana. Feel the relaxation and the healing within.

Meditation can be an effective way to drive out the stress at a physical level. It needs a bit of patience and lots of concentration. Beginners may find it difficult to sit down and focus as you may either drowse off while meditating or just meander away thinking about something else.

A little bit of practice and undeterred dedication can help you reap some benefits which you will find useful for the rest of your life. So if you find it difficult to start off meditating, don’t fret. Hold the posture until you find it easy.

We often say in yoga – ‘Fake it till you make it’.


Editor: Hayley Samuelson.


Navodita Pande has been doing Yoga since she was nine years old when she started training in Iyengar Yoga in school under Rajiv and Swati Chanchani. She began teaching Yoga when she was fifteen years old by teaching Yoga to the juniors of her school. She performed at International Yoga Seminar where she gave a lecture-demonstration in April, 1995. Having performed at SAARC Gymnastics Championships in 1996 she has trained people in New York, Delhi, Cardiff and in Kanpur. Navodita has also trained students in holistic living and wellness. She even learnt Reiki I & II and has been giving Yoga classes to children in Yoga and Pranayama in Kanpur. Her other interests include singing, reading and writing.

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