May 31, 2012

I Make a Difference. Do You?

I get these daily shares every day with “progressive” ideas and links.

I don’t always agree, I don’t always get inspired, and they don’t always change my day.

But today? Today was very different as it started with reading a disparaging complaint from a Facebook friend about the intelligence of much of the human race:

…sometimes—despite a serious desire and intent for patience, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, and allowance—just want to scream, “Oh, blow it out your ignorant ass —and I hope it hurts when you do!

This friend went on to say:

The capacity for human ignorance—especially the willful variety—can be astounding, confounding, and even sometimes infuriating.

I responded with something trite about looking on the bright side, but deep inside I knew that what I needed was definitely my own Shockabuku, lest I too fall prey to the doldrums of doubt and depression.

So my kick to the head came in the form of this very inspirational, empowering, kick ass piece of poetry.

And what it gave me was hope, determination and a much better start to my day!

Those who can, teach. Those who cannot, pass laws about teaching.
~ Unknown (seen on a button)

How about you?

Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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Read 3 comments and reply

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