May 23, 2012

Relax & Smell the Flowers. ~ Brian Leaf.

Yoga practice can dig up childhood pain, deep insecurities and terrifying fears.

Digging up these traumas is invaluable to the process of releasing them, but can hurt like hell, with intense feelings of pain, depression or anxiety.

If allowed to flow freely, intense feelings pass quickly, shifting to joy, gratitude and freedom.

But when these feelings don’t flow, when we are stuck holding on to the past or unsure how to move forward, Bach flower essences can help.

Bach flower essences (the tiny bottles you’ve seen at the health food store) help to remove energetic blocks. They help to bring a person into alignment with the truth of reality.

For example, if you are holding onto a childhood terror of being teased, Bach remedies help you see and feel that you are now safe. They help you release a fear that no longer serves you.

When yoga digs up old traumas, people usually either re-experience the fear from the trauma or they become overwhelmed and depressed. In this article, we’ll look at remedies for fear, and in the follow-up article, we’ll look at remedies for depression.

Dr. Edward Bach recommended the following flower essences for different experiences of fear:

Mimulus is for fear of something specific, such as the dark, being teased, or getting mugged. It will not cause you to release a realistic fear, but will help illuminate the truth and help you release unwarranted fears.

Aspen is for fear for no apparent, identifiable reason. Whereas Mimulus is for fear of something specific, Aspen is for a general sense of anxiety. Aspen will help to release the generalized fear or raise your level of consciousness to identify the cause of the fear.

Red Chestnut is for anxiety about the welfare of loved-ones. Red Chestnut helps a person see reality more clearly.

Rock Rose is for terror over a specific event or trauma. This essence is useful if yoga practice stirs up feelings from an old traumatic event. Rock Rose helps release the terror so a person can move on.

Brian Leaf uses Bach Flower Essences in his holistic tutoring practice at the New Leaf Learning Center in Massachusetts. Brian is the author of Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi, coming to bookstores in September. You can follow his adventures and misadventures on facebook.



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